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Friday, October 13, 2006

Day 41
So since I stayed at Emily’s last night, I got up early to head back home to get ready for school. Grabbed all my stuff and on the way up the stairs in the metro I tripped on a stair with my flip flops on. My feet are so hard from all the extra walking I do and some of the skin at the bottom of my big toe actually tore apart from my toe (it’s still attached though). It sounds disgusting and really is. Part of my toe just tore half way off!!! It was awful because I still had to take 2 metros and a bus home! My flip flop was filling up with blood and I was doing my best not to freak out!!! Luckily a very nice lady gave me some tissues to wipe up the blood and then wrap my toe until I got home. I was freaking out all the way home trying not to cry and trying to keep myself calm. It was horrible. I finally got home and of course have no band-aids so I washed my toe really well and put some toilet paper and tape to bandage it until I got regular bandages. L Now for those of you who know me very well, you may remember the incident in Hyvee which also involves a toe being slaughtered. I managed to drop a can of peaches just right that it split my toenail and bled all over the place. Who in the hell (pardon my language) can managed these ridiculous injuries?!!! You can’t manage that if you tried!!! I think there should be a medal for that or something. So after all of that trauma, I decided to skip class which I felt dumb about since we only have 3 days of classes this week but I knew I couldn’t handle ethics in Spanish after being so upset about all of that. I decided instead to go back to back so I could calm myself down. I slept and slept until about 2pm which was very nice. I got up and made myself some food and then actually headed to the closest locutorio to use the internet to see if I had a meeting to see a place at 4pm. I actually did have that meeting and I actually called another email I got about seeing their place around 5pm. I called up the Mexican/Spanish guy and he was interested in moving in as soon as possible which is great so I just have to find a place now! Half the work is done. I headed on my way to the first place. It ended up being so far on the metro that I just gave up and didn’t go. Then I went to the other place which is kind of close to a really nice place in Madrid called Parque Retiro but it is still pretty far from a lot. The guy renting out the room is actually from Argentina but he was working so his friend showed me around. The place was a MESS which I didn’t like. It was an alright place but I just didn’t have that great of a vibe about it. It’s also IMPOSSIBLE to understand Argentinians and their accents. For example: in Spanish “calle” is pronounced like “kai yay” but Argentinians pronounce it “ka zjay.” I can’t even make the phonetics for it. It’s different, let’s just agree to that. So after that I called up the girl that I saw that place with last night and she told me that she got the room so that was kind of a bummer but cool for her! I also got some proper stuff to wrap my toe. So I didn’t know what to do after that but I knew I needed to find more places so I headed to Emily’s because my computer was still there. I headed to the closest pharmacy and grabbed some antibacterial stuff to disinfect my toe and then since (overshare) I’m getting my period and was completely depressed (partly homesick and partly just hormones) I got an ice cream! I headed to Emily’s and started looking around online for places. As Emily got home I ended up getting a phone call from Carlos (the guy who showed me the places last night) and he said that they were considering giving me the room of the first place I looked at. I was glad but still a little concerned since it was a pretty far trip to get to the station where my bus leaves for school every morning. I told him that I would like to come see it again with Emily and he agreed. Well after the phone call Emily told me that there is a train like thing that goes to parts of the city call the Cercanias which actually goes from my closest metro stop at the possible apartment right near school (I would catch a bus from the Cercanias stop to school). Awesome! I was totally pumped now and so we waited around a bit and headed over to the place. Carlos told me that the main problem with saying yes to me staying there is that the other girls are 24 and 26 and so they were worried about how young I was. I told him that I have lived with many people since I started at Drake and that I know how to be a responsible adult about living situations. We headed out and he said that he would give me a call that night and let me know one way or the other. Then we headed back towards Emily’s and stopped by a place to grab some snacks for the “party” she was having that night. We got to her place and I made me some dinner there (I brought my own pasta sauce) and everyone got ready. Some of her roommates friends from school came over and were the “guests” of the evening. We all watched some futbol (soccer) and then did some drinking. It was funny because Emily managed to spill her entire glass of Bailey’s all over one of the Spanish guy’s pants. Oops! We all just hung out until about 2am and then went out to a club. I wasn’t thrilled because the club was 9euro but I decided I wasn’t ready for bed and I wanted to have some fun so I went in. It always comes with a drink, but still. So I wasn’t very impressed. It ended up being a placed packed with way too many guys but luckily we had the guys with us so the guys at the club didn’t bother us too much. We danced all night until about 5:30am and then decided to head home. We had talked to a few different people in the club so I got some Spanish practicing in a club. Woohoo! Haha. So Emily’s roommate Etienne (the other French guy) was really drunk so we had to help him walk a little bit. We stopped by a Cerveceria (bar/restaurant) and the guys got some bocadillos. Emily responded to some guy who kept calling us guapas (pretty) and he ended up buying us beers and sharing his tapa with us. He was really old and creepy so I have no idea why Emily decided to talk to him but I guess we got a free beer and we had all our friends with us so it wasn’t threatening. We left with our friends and headed home (to Emily’s) and she gave me the extra mattress to sleep on and we all finally went to bed at about 6 or 7. O buddy what a LONG day.


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