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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Day 37
So Emily got home at about 7am and we just shared her bed until I left around 10 or 11am. So then I went home and went back to bed. I watched Piratas del Caribe II (Pirates of the Caribbean II) that I had bought off the street a week ago. Then at about 5pm the plumber was supposed to come back but of course didn´t. So when he didn´t show up I headed over to Emily´s to use the internet for a bit. We planned to go to a movie theater I had heard about that only costs 2€ for students with older movies playing there. We decided we weren´t really in the mood for an older movie about spanish fighting or whatever so we decided to get dinner. I really thought that MExican sounded good so we went looking for a restaurant. Shouldn´t be too hard to find right? In Iowa you can find one on every other street corner for about 5$a meal. Not here! After about a half hour searching we finally found a place. No tamales which is what I really wanted. No free chips and salsa!!! I asked the server for some and you wouldn´t believe the weird look he gave me. It wasn´t too expensive but not as cheap in the US. So after that we went back to Emily´s place and she wanted to watch Gilmore Girls, so we did that. Then we were supposed to go to her Dutch guy friend´s party so we headed there and were late to meet her friend Henrich (her fault not mine). We accidentally rang the wrong doorbell and got chewed out by a lady in spanish and finally found the right place. It ended up being just a very nice chilled out party. The Dutch guy´s roommates were all Spanish so we practiced a lot of spanish. I had my first serving of Ham flavored chips!!! They were actually pretty good, Lay´s brand and everything. After a while it started to clear out but then like 10 more people came so it was still a nice sized party. I ended up speaking with one spanish guy and a german guy for a while and it was really nice because the spanish guy kept correcting my spanish so i can actually learn from my mistakes!!! It was weird though, I had 2 people ask me if I was from France...They said my accent in spanish sounded french. It was weird but I decided to take it as a complement. Haha. So after lots of practicing spanish around 2am Emily and I decided to leave because we were tired. We headed back to her place and watched the rest of Gilmore Girls and then I just stayed there for the night (it´s so much easier than going all the way home). I should get the rest of the weekend posted today! Love you all. Send me emails, I´m starting to get homesick!


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