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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Day 31
So I fell asleep at Emily´s around 7am and we all got up around 10am so that´s always good. Emily lives basically on the same street as the rastro (the big huge flea market I talked about before) so I figured I would go there since I was awake and we were right there. Linda also stayed the night at Emily´s and planned on meeting with her roommate Miguel (from Mexico) and also our friend Marina to go to the rastro so we waited for them for a while and then finally went to the rastro. I always would love to buy everything that they have there but if I buy one thing I know I´ll just go crazy so I unfortunately didn´t get anything. And after walking around for a bit I decided I was done (there were so many people by then that it was very frustrating). I stopped by a little Cerverceria and grabbed a tortilla (a spanish tortilla is like potatoes and onions in a omelette type thing). Look up tortilla on wikipedia and you can see what they are. They´re very good. I headed home and took a shower and SLEPT! I was so very tired. Linda and I had planned on going to a bullfight today and then afterwards I planned on going with Emily to a salsa class. The bullfight started at 6 and the dance class we thought started at 8 but it actually started at 6:30 so I skipped the bullfight and went to the dancing class. I´ll be able to go to the bullfight next week with Rhea. I met Emily and some of her friends from her university at the metro stop. Emily attends a different university than me now. She was only doing the intensive language course at Nebrija. I met her friends Lorienne and I think Dan and a few girls (the girls were not very social at the club). They were all English and the boys were very nice. We go to the club and it was only 6.50 euro to get in and that included a drink, the class and then staying at the club when it opens. It´s a dance class beforehand and then a club a little later. It was very fun even though I was VERY horrible at it. It´s a little difficult to learn a dance especially when it´s in a different language. They kept having everyone switch partners too so then I felt really stupid. It was really fun though and after the class the guys were dancing with us and they actually knew how to dance well. There was also some random guy who ended up being a dance teacher who was dancing with us and spinning us all over the place. None of us had any idea how to dance well but it was fun to just be constantly spinning all over the place. Haha. Emily and I had partied so much this weekend that we decided we didn´t want to stay late so we left around 9pm. After that we headed to her house and I just spent some time online and Emily was EXTREMELY tired so she fell asleep and shortly after that I headed home. I had to walk a little to get a night bus around her house but I finally found one. There was some guy trying to talk to me and ask me out at the bus stop so I just kind of dismissed him but luckily it was on a busy street so it wasn´t a problem. I do think I´ll go buy some mace though just in case. *Don´t worry mommy! I´m all safe. I got home safe and sound and went to SLEEP.


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