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Friday, October 06, 2006

Day 35
So I had 3 classes again today which I was not thrilled about after being out so late but what are you going to do? My first class was fotografía again and I was in the right classroom and everything and it ended up being some introduction to informatics class or something. There were other fotografía students in the class, and it was just that the professor didn´t come again. I went to the secretary to ask her what the heck is going on and she said he will be there on Tuesday so hopefully I won´t get up early for nothing on Tuesday again. After that "class" I had Marketing which went well. We have to have groups where we will make a whole project together and I´m in a group with all Mexicans because they have to leave early just like me and it´s nice so that I´m not with international students who don´t speak spanish well. I sort of would have preferred a group with actual Spaniards but I can practice my spanish with Mexicans too, it´s just a different kind of spanish with them. So then I hurried to Dehesa for my politics class which also went well and then hung out on the computers at school for a while. Joanna came and talked to me in the computer lab and we discussed our plans for the night. We would possibly do botellón with her friends from last night. Botellón is actually illegal here now (it wasn´t 3 years ago) and it´s just when a whole bunch of people get together on the streets and drink before they go into the club because it´s so expensive at the clubs. I´m pretty sure we had planned on doing it at someone´s house though (the equivalent of "pregaming"). Anyway we figured out we didn´t really have that planned with them so we wouldn´t do that. We then talked about hanging out with our friend David that we met one night. He was handing out free passes for a club and we made friends with him and he had called me the day before asking if my friends and I wanted to do something so I said sure (I haven´t had a real spaniard show us where to go party yet). We also were going to maybe go to some party that our friend Dawn knew about so we had lots of possibilities on the table. I went home and showered, and ate, and did some of my ethics homework which was kind of difficult and it was a very simple assignment. I napped until about 9pm and then got up and finished my homework and got ready to go out. We all planned on meeting at Sol at about 11pm so I headed there at the appropriate time. In the middle of my trip to Sol, I got a text from David saying he couldn´t make it which was kind of shitty but oh well. So I was waiting for Joanna and also Rhea and randomly saw Emmanuel there with his friends. So I chatted with him while I waited for the girls. When Rhea got there she had to go to the bathroom so we said we´d meet her at McDonald´s where she could go potty for free. So when Joanna arrived we met Rhea and decided to get a little McDonald´s food from the 1€ menu. They have pork and not really any beef in Spain so you can just imagine how not the same the burger was but that´s okay. Then Rhea wanted to try and find this little garden place she´d been to before because we were really close to it so we found that really fast and it ended up being near Emily´s place and La Latina. We stopped there at La Latina and the 3 of us got a pitcher of sangria and hung out for a while. Some random spaniard and his girlfriend got in their car right next to where we were sitting and started honking their horn and scared the crap out of us. It was actually very funny and incredibly random, just like the spaniards are. After that we just did a little bar hopping which Joanna hasn´t done here yet so that was fun to take her around. We ended the night at a little place with a caña (small beer) and some chorizo (which again looks gross but actually tastes pretty good). Anyone who comes to visit me in Spain has to try this because it just looks so bad but it´s actually very tasty and everyone has to try something new. Hehe. So after that we headed for the bus stop to catch the night bus and I actually randomly met some guy at the bus stop looking for his night bus that was from Kansas. FINALLY someone else from the midwest!!! But he had been here for a month and didn´t even know where one of the biggest streets in Madrid is that everyone knows about! Not the brightest crayon in the box. So I hopped on my night bus and got home and in bed around 3:30am which is about what I planned on so that´s good. Class is tomorrow at 10:30 but that shouldn´t be too bad. Buenas noches (good night)!!!


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