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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Day 32
So I didn´t have class on Monday because class doesn´t start until Tuesday so I wanted to sleep in really late but I had to run to the bank to get money for my rent. I got there and got my money and actually requested a debit card which should be coming soon so that will make my life easier-free withdrawals everywhere! Then I wanted to find a mall that Linda was talking about that has lots of coupons at the entrance for free entrances into clubs. The bank attendant told me where to go but they thought I was talking about Corte Ingles so I gave up. I grabbed a few grocery (I got some meat which I´ve been craving but the lowest fat percentage was 20% which is one of the highest we have in the US). I headed home after that, had some food and took a nice long nap. I then ended up having a meeting with our agency guys to discuss the fact that our shower has been broken for over a month and we planned on putting me on the contract and everything. Well we discussed that it might be a problem with the pipes meaning they would have to break down the walls and replace the pipes and stuff which would mean we could move. I am actually very excited about this option because I really dislike living so far away from everything and our place ends up being very expensive since the utilities and internet is not included. They are going to let us know by Friday and we are keeping our rent until we know what´s going on. They also haven´t given us our key to our mailbox yet and I really wanted to see if I got my birthday card from my grandma and grandpa yet so they guaranteed we would have it by tomorrow. After that I had discussed going to a movie with Joanna (I had planned on going to a movie and then getting online at Emily´s and talking to Mike with skype). I headed over to Joanna´s and it ended up that the movie didn´t start until about 10pm so I called Mikey to let him know I would talk to him a different time and we went to see the movie Alatriste. It is a Spanish film about the conquistadors and I´m not sure if the film is in the US or not. It was actually filmed in Spanish and not dubbed so it was slightly easier to understand though I still didn´t understand much. It´s funny because everyone here gets very excited about popcorn because I guess it´s not that common in Europe and so at the movie theater Joanna and I had to get the biggest popcorn that there was. Haha. We somewhat enjoyed what we could understand from the movie and after that I headed home. I hopped on the metro and while waiting at the bus stop there was of course some crazy drunk old spanish guy but luckily there were 2 guys my age sitting with me so I felt much better. I ended up talking to them for a few minutes and found out they are Erasmus students (Erasmus is a european program that basically helps to organize the student´s trips and studying abroad) and actually are studying at the same school as Emily. I got off the bus and jumped in my bed and fell asleep thinking about my big day tomorrow, my first day of school in Spanish!!!


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