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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Day 34
So my second day of classes. I was somewhat tired but I was doing okay. I didn´t have class until 10:30 this morning so I didn´t get up until about 8:30 or a little after. I don´t think I will have to get up this early in the future but I don´t want to be late to my first classes. So I got to school and got to my classroom for Etica y deontologia (Ethics and Deontology which counts for my Ethics) at 10:30 and it ended up being the wrong classroom again. So I was late for class. I was the only international student in that class who´s first language wasn´t English (there was one girl from Mexico there). So this class was really hard and almost made me cry. The professor spoke so quickly and I had no clue what was going on. I later found out from a friend that supposedly Ethics is really difficult in Spain. I also found out I had class on Friday the same time as the trip to the senate so I would have to figure that out. After feeling incredibly horrible after that class I went to my next and last class of the day which is Historia y Teoria del Cine (History and Theory of Film which counts for my history requirement). The class started at 12:10 and I was actually there on time and actually didn´t have a hard time understanding though I did start falling asleep a little. I met an Italian girl in my class named Marcela (say it with an italian accent) and also a guy I had met a few times named Cesar (from Mexico) was in the class with me too. When the teacher asked me where I was from and I said the US everyone in the class got really excited about it. It was kind of weird but I guess cool. So after class I got on the computer for a while at school and bought tickets to go to Sweden. The price was really high for Europe: 222€. But Sweden is an expensive place anyway. So I hopped on the bus home and made some lunch and had a LONG nap. Until about 6pm. Then I had some dinner (very early for Spain but I had plans soon). I was supposed to watch a movie with Joanna tonight but she got a call from her Spanish friend about going to a little concert thing that his friend was part of the band. So I headed to the metro stop by Joanna´s house and it was awesome because her friends had a CAR!!! The first time in a month that I´ve been in a car!!! It was really nice. So we got to the concert at a little bar which was quite good and actually almost all the music was in English-I even knew a few songs. We ended up being there a little later than I´d hoped and I ended up having a few more beers than I should have (but 3 of the 4 were free). After being called grandma a few million times the boys and Joanna dropped me off at home and I got to bed around 2am. I was a little upset because I wanted to go to bed much earlier than that because we are going out tomorrow night but oh well. I actually found out that Joanna ended up being out until about 4am so I´m glad that they dropped me off when they did. It actually was a pretty fun time, I got to practice some Spanish. The guys practiced some English but it was not very good at all... but that´s okay. Anyway, I´m all caught up now so you´ll hear about Thursday once it´s over. Love you all so much!!!


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You're going to visit Johan???? Dude! That's awesome! Say hi for me!!!!!

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