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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Day 36
So generally we don´t have classes on Fridays but if we miss a day of class for some reason (for a break or something) then we make it up on Fridays. School started on Tuesday instead of Monday so our Mon/Wed classes were on Friday. I had ética first and then historia y teoría del cine. I was supposed to also go to a senate trip for politica española actual but I had 2 classes at Berzosa and only 1 atDehesa so I had to chose the ones at Berzosa. Classes went as well as could be expected. I got online for a little bit and then tried to find the school gym which I guess is very small. I found it but it was closed and I had to get home because the plumber (fontanero) was coming to fix the shower. I got home and had some food and stuff and at 5:30pm the fontanero came. He told us he would have to come back tomorrow because he didn´t have one of the parts he needed. The shower still works the same as before so he didn´t get a whole lot done. Hopefully it will be better once he finishes. So I then took a little shower and a very short nap. I planned on meeting with Rhea and Joanna and a few people at a bar with Rhea´s spanish lacrosse team at about 10pm and then later go out with Emily and the gang. So I headed over to Joanna´s around 9pm and we finally met Rhea at about 11:30pm. It was very relaxed at the bar and we talked some with Rhea´s spanish teammates (in spanish of course). Then maybe around 12:30 or 1 we headed over to Emily´s. It was Natalie´s last night out with us because she is moving back to Germany so it was kind of sad. We were going to go to a discoteca after Emily´s place but I sadly just got extremely tired all at once and actually at about 2am just went to bed in Emily´s bedandthey all wentout. It was hilarious. I planned so much on going out but could barely move to Emily´s bed (a mixture of some alcohol and a lot of tiredness). At least I practiced a lot of spanish beforehand!


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