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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Day 38
So I woke up at Emily's and headed home, walking through everyone at the Rastro (since it is on the way to the metro). We planned to go on the "gondolas" of Madrid which go across the sky. They're a little hard to describe. I guess it's kind of like a ski lift thing to show you all over the city but of course it's enclosed. That's the best I got. We also had planned on a little picnic in the park so I went home to shower and all that. I forgot to mention that before I went to bed I posted that my room is available to rent online because I really want to move to a different place that's closer to everything with Spanish speaking students so I got it posted that it's available. I got one phone call that actually woke us up in the morning. They just kept on flowing so I started making appointments for people to come and see it. So around 2pm Emily came over and we ended up just eating Bocadillos in my place and then heading over to the Gondolas. They were in the park that is right near my place and it was actually really neat but I thought that it would show us more of Madrid. It was just basically around my area and Casa de Campo which is right next to me but it was still pretty neat. We saw a hooker in a park in Casa de Campo when we were going past and that was neat. Haha. So after that I was going to meet Rhea at the bullfight and we were going to watch that. I met her and we grabbed some gummies that people were selling outside and then we realized that tickets were sold out. We didn't buy them beforehand because we have friends from last weekend that didn't and it was fine. So we stood around trying to see if we could find a scalper which were plenty when I was there to look at the schedules but now there were none. We ended up giving up and actually saw 2 guys that we knew from our university. We were going to get a beer but they really wanted Burger King so we went there and Rhea and I shared some food and a beer which you can get in Burger King. Sweet right? Haha. So after that I headed home and actually had some people coming to look at my room. I met someone at the metro stop at 8pm and his name is Andrea and he is from Italy. He checked it out and then shortly after him another girl came who was actually American and just came back to Spain after being in the US for a year. At this point in time the girls (Marte & Erika) & I had a talk. Erika also wanted to move to a shared piso with native spanish speakers. Marte couldn't handle the idea of living with people she didn't know and was scared they wouldn't pay her rent (her name is the only 1 responsible for the rent). So then we said we could help her find a room in a shared piso but she couldn't handle the idea of living with people she doesn't know. "I already decided I won't do that." Whatever dude. Why are you studying abroad? I'm actually quite sure she's only here because it's required by her university. She only speaks to Dutch people and never speaks spanish. She also only speaks to her boyfriend on the phone. I found out that she skipped the whole FIRST week of classes because he was here. I never met him either because they stayed at a hotel the whole time and she never brought him over to introduce him. Whatever. So yeah we had an arguement about what we would do and we decided we could help Marte try and find a place on her own or maybe with another Dutch person or something and then Erika and I could find our own places with other people. That was fun, let me tell you. So after that I just hung around some and eventually went to bed at a decent hour!


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