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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Day 33
This was my first day of classes. I had class at 9am at Berzosa and wasn´t sure what time I would need to leave to get to class in time so I planned on leaving around 7:30 and I ended up leaving a little later than that. I had to run just a little to catch the bus but that´s okay. I met up with a few people I knew at the bus stop to go to Berzosa (I have to change from bus 46 to 611 because 611 is the only bus that goes to Berzosa because it is so far away). I was quite nervous for my classes so I was glad to get to school early and actually meet a few people who were going to be in my same first class. My first class was Fotografia (photography) at 9am which covers my art requirement. I was waiting with a girl named something I can´t remember from Italy and a Spanish guy Carlos. We were doing really well speaking some spanish but we were getting impatient because it was 9:30 and there was no teacher to be found. Well we found out that our class was actually switched to a different classroom but the teacher didn´t actually show up so we didn´t miss anything! Yay! It was very interesting to find out after conversing for a long time that the Italian girl had only been studying spanish for 2 weeks and her spanish was great. It´s helpful that Italian is very similar. So then I had my next class which is Marketing I (which will go towards my business minor) at 10:30. This was in the proper classroom and believe it or not, I ended up sitting next to crazy french guy! I also sat next to some people I had met before from Germany who´s names I can´t remember because they´re very different from American names :/ So the Marketing class went really well and I understood almost all of what went on which was great! Then I had to hurry to get to my class at Dehesa which is in Madrid. I hopped on the bus and at the switch I decided to try and take the metro which was a bad idea. I will take the connecting bus next time. So I was pretty late for that class which is Politica Espanola Actual (Spanish politics which covers my international/multicultural requirement) at 1:10. I understood everything that was going on in that class and it actually seemed a little too easy for me after having real classes. Since Dehesa is only for international students the teachers teach knowing that we don´t always understand everything so we are babied a little bit. That went well though and I found out that on Friday we have a trip to the senate at 11:30am. So after that I hopped online for a little bit looking for flights to visit my friend Johan in Sweden in a few weeks. Not too much luck there so then I headed home and ate some food and instead of napping decided to head over to Emily´s at a decent time so I could leave at a decent time instead of late at night. But before I went to Emily´s I managed to fix our television just in time to discover "El Precio Justo" which is the Price is Right in spanish!!! Sooooo frikin awesome! I was so excited! It was similar but different in some ways. For instance, the initial bids they make where they´re competing to get on stage are really cheap prizes (less than 100€). Also the ending is a little different too. It was still great to see though. So I headed over to Emily´s and was there for a LONG time and figured out how much money I have (don´t have) which is sad but oh well. I also talked to my mommy on skype for the first time in a while. Skype is wonderful. It cost less than 1€ to talk for an hour from Spain (on my computer of course) to a landline in the US. Woohoo!!! I then planned on leaving but Emily talked me into letting her feed me again. We had a few glasses of wine and I finally ended up leaving around 11:30pm. My plan didn´t work so well did it? It was interesting at Emily´s. Her roommate had a friend visiting who doesn´t understand spanish but does understand english but we were speaking so often in spanish that I actually found it difficult to switch to speaking in English with her because my mind was working in Spanish at the time. Who would have thought? I got to bed at about 12:30 which wasn´t too bad and I was happy with it because I would get about 8 hours of sleep for the first time in a long time!!! Hasta mañana (until tomorrow).


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