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Friday, October 13, 2006

Day 40
So I had class early this morning at about 9am so I got up and got ready. I was hoping to finally have a photography class this morning. Well we ended up having problems on the bus. I think it had a flat tire and so we all were about a half hour late to classes but we did have photography. Couldn’t have had problems on a day when we didn’t have class? Whatever! Hehe. So then I had Marketing and our group had to have an idea of what we would do for our “marketing campaign.” We didn’t talk much about it so we just kind of decided to do an anti-smoking campaign. They all don’t know what JEL is but I do so I can get some good ideas for our group from that. Then I headed to the Dehesa campus and had some Politica Española Actual. At 5pm I had someone coming to see the place so I needed to get home at a decent hour but I did make a quick stop by one of the college campuses near me and got a whole bunch of adds for available rooms. I called a few places and made some appointments to see a flat or 2. I got home in time for 5 and showed the place to someone but they were Italian which is not what Erika wants. There was supposed to be a guy coming who was half Mexican/half Spanish who goes to school very close to our flat but he didn’t show up. There was also an appointment for a girl at 7:30 but I told Erika to be there for that so I could go see the place I had the appointment for. The girl ended up not showing up but the Spanish/Mexican did and Erika really hit it off with him. She said she’d like to have him so I’ll give him a call tomorrow and offer up the place to him. So I headed to see the place I had an appointment for. It was a little too far away from getting to school every morning and not that close to the center. One of the guy’s was really nice (the others weren’t home) but they didn’t have wireless internet and the place wasn’t available until November so I basically ruled it out. A shame but what can you do. I had actually gotten lost on my way there and had stopped by Emily’s with my computer and went to see the place so then after seeing the place I returned back to Emily’s. We were going to make some dinner and stuff and maybe rent a movie. So I called another place and this guy told me to come over right now so I was close so I decided I would go check it out really fast and then come back and we could eat or something and then I could try and get home at a decent time. So I headed over there, got a little lost but finally found it. The guy was really preoccupied with a lot of phone calls so it was kind of irritating but oh well. The place was actually pretty nice. VERY large but a little grandma looking but oh well. The guy showing it to me (doesn’t live there, just showing it for a friend) was a little weird. He just kept repeating himself saying the same things (such as why the price it was it was or what he was looking for in a possible tenant). He was a little weird. He also had another friend who had a place available which was actually a little closer to my school so he took me to see that too. I was getting kind of impatient because it was getting late and he was being slow but I figured it was good to go see it. So we finally got to his friend’s place (also named Alicia) but it turned out he was showing it to another person too named Krista who was actually born in Cali. but had lived in the UK for the last 10 years. Alicia’s place was actually a really great deal. It was basically in the center for less than 400/month (which is what I was aiming for) and the girl was very nice. The only problem was is she is looking for someone to practice English with and so my wanting to practice Spanish gave me a disadvantage because Krista knows hardly any Spanish at all. So I guess we’ll see. So after 3 hours of what was supposed to be 20 minutes, I headed back to Emily’s. I was actually really upset that it took so long. I had some Ethics questions I was supposed to answer which I hadn’t done yet. Grrrr!!! Oh well. Well I went back to Emily’s (she saved me some dinner). What a doll! I just decided to stay there and then head back home that next morning. Oh what a frustrating night! I tried to do some of the ethics homework and it was so difficult because we were talking about topics that I know nothing about even in English. However, I got some help from Mike and actually felt like I might be able to do this class. We’ll see what happens! Hasta mañana (until tomorrow)!


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