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Friday, October 13, 2006

Day 39
Classes again today. Etica and after Historia y Teoría del Cine. Etica I still had no clue what was going on but I think I’m going to try it and have it be my challenge to have a clue by the end of the semester. LoL. I think that if I can understand what is going on and understand what this teacher says, then I can pretty much figure it all out. So Erika approached me before I left and told me that she would stay in the apartment (Marte would then too) if she could have a native Spanish speaker so she could learn more Spanish. Cool!!! This makes everything SO much easier. So I grabbed a little food and headed back home. I saw Oscar on the bus back! He studied at Drake last year and is from Spain and goes to my university in Spain. So I talked to him some in Spanish and English. So I had someone coming at 3pm and then some people at 5:30 so I hurried home. The guy at 3pm was French so that was pretty much a no-go for Erika but oh well. At 5:30 I had another person coming but I think they were Italian again so nope. I had gotten a call from a half Spanish/half Mexican guy who wanted to come see the place tomorrow so that was good. So we got a random visit from the landlady’s son and a fontanero. A different fontanero. The last one was from the agency. So cool, apparently the landlady’s son had no clue about our broken shower for a long time. Piece of crap agency. The guy actually had some kind of a guy to check out the pipes and stuff with some little machine but he actually wasn’t the plumber because about an hour later the son and an actually fontanero came. The fontanero told us that by next Monday at the latest we will have our shower fixed. Woohoo! Finally. But it’s just like the Spanish to take SO long to get things fixed. It’s not really a stereotype because everything here just takes SO long to get done. They’re not in a hurry here like we are in the US. In the US we’re very service oriented and very in a hurry to get everything done quick. This is really nice as a luxury but a lot of people also see us as very stressed out people because we get so stressed when everything doesn’t get done right away. The Spanish can be seen as more relaxed about everything and they work to live and don’t live to work like we do in the US. This is kind of cool to have your life style like that but on the other hand it’s so frustrating when you need something done. This is where they get the stereotype of being lazy. So for me it just depends on the day on how I view their life philosophy. Hehe. This is the perfect philosophy for some people I know (Mikey) so some of you would love it and some people would go crazy with a lack of patience. So after the fontanero came I think I had some dinner and stuff and then actually was invited to a friend’s for a tortilla party but I was so stressed about trying to find a place and was a little short tempered (overshare-I’m starting the period) so it wasn’t all my fault but I knew I wouldn’t enjoy the party. So I actually called up Joanna and asked if I could go use her internet and just let her be sitting in the living room since she has tonsillitis. She said that would be alright so I headed over and stopped and got her a little get well teddy bear and also grabbed some pasta and sauce for the boys (Unai and Emmanuel) because they keep saying I should cook something for them so I decided to surprise the crap out of them by actually bringing food. Haha. So I got there and gave Joanna her present and chatted and bit and then started looking for places. The boys came home in the middle of my search and really were surprised that I brought them food. Haha. So I searched and searched and couldn’t find much, even with Unai’s help. So around 11 or 12 I decided I should head out. Before I left though Emmanuel wanted me to share some popcorn because I guess he couldn’t’ finish it all himself. This kid is literally obsessed with popcorn. They don’t have it much here in Europe but it’s so common in the US that I just find the obsession hilarious. He actually eats all the seeds too. Freak face! So I filled up on popcorn as my dinner and headed home and actually got to bed at a decent time. Oh how I LOVE searching for flats ALL the time! Not!! But I love you all so very much so good night! :-* muah!


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