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Monday, October 02, 2006

Day 30
So I stayed the night at Joanna's so I got up around 10am and headed home. I had to get a new abono which sucks because it takes about 2 or 3 weeks to get a youth pass so for this month I had to pay for a normal pass which is about 60euro! Oh well. I tried to go to my bank to get some money out to pay for the abono (they only take cash for the abonos) but they were closed. That was a huge waste of time! So I took my photo in a photo booth and got my new abono and headed home. At home I showered and napped and I also met Marte and Erika's guests. Marte's friend is visiting and Erika's sister and her boyfriend (they only say friend instead of boyfriend so it's hard to know what they're talking about sometimes). That was kind of nice and it was weird because Erika's sister looks just like her! So after meeting them was my very long nap. Then I headed over to Emily's to use her internet for a bit. We were all going to go eat tapas but I decided to go with Joanna and Emmanuel to dinner because I didn't feel like tapas and I didn't feel like eating with a million people. So I got to Joanna's but she was feeling very sick so unfortunately she didn't come out with us. Emmanuel and I grabbed a bite to eat and then headed over to Emily's to "preparty." There are 2 french guys and a half french half portuguese guy living with Emily, plus their two french friends plus emmanuel is french and emily and her roommate natalie both speak french perfectly. I had no idea what they were talking about half the time but we also spoke a lot of spanish so it was good. We took chupitos (shots) called B52 which include Baileys, Coffee liquer, and ABSYNTH. Hehe. And actually you like the absynth on fire which is cool and supposedly it makes the flavor better. After a little bit of waiting, you blow it out and then actually take the shot with a straw! They were really good! I took pictures but you can't see the shots on fire. I'll put up pictures later. After a lot of prepartying, we all went to a club that Natalie knew about. It was called Mondo and unfortunately cost us 13euro but that does include a drink and it ended up being a very nice club. We stayed there until about 5:30am and got to Emily's around 6am. We stayed up for a while, until about 7am and then I slept on the couch. Before we went to bed we were all hanging out and one of the french guys called me a good American because I had brought a pizza over yesterday for Emily and we cooked it up. Random tidbit: It was fun yesterday, I taught Unai the difference between "The shit," "A peice of shit," "A bunch of shit," and "Shitty." He kept saying that things were "the shit" when they were bad and so I had to tell him that that meant those were good things and not bad things like he wanted to say. Hehe. It's also so difficult to explain slang sometimes. I taught Joanna the phrase '"stud muffin" also. Hehe. Love you all!!! Night!


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Absynth! Goodness gracious me!

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