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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Day 28

So I didn’t have school today which was nice so I slept in and it actually ended up being about 2pm when I woke up. I swept/mopped the bathroom (at Marte’s request). I texted Emily to ask, of course, if I could use her internet and she said she would be home around 6pm. So last night Rhea had told me about a possible cheap Flamenco show and we also talked about the Bullfights. I decided to go check out the times and prices of the bullfights at Plaza de Toros which isn’t too far away. I got there and there were at least 4 scalpers (not even a show going on at the time!) and they would NOT leave me alone. I told them “no I don’t want the tickets, I don’t know what day I’m going, leave me alone” and they still insisted. After trying to look at the times and stuff I gave up. I figured out it is only about 3.50 to see a fight and there is one on this coming Sunday at 5:30pm. I am not thrilled about the actual idea of the “show” but I am in Spain so I figured I should go see one. After that I went to see a place called Teatro Real which is supposed to be fairly old and fairly famous to see what it was about. Unfortunately it was during Siesta so I couldn’t find out much but I think I will try to go to a show there. So I headed to Emily’s around 6. I got there and she actually has 2 friends visiting from Germany, Alke & Henrica. They are both very nice girls and I actually thought that one was American because her English was so good. I got online for a while and had the first real conversation with Mike I’ve had in a month on Skype so that was nice. It’s hard right now for us since we can hardly talk ever and I also realized I was beginning to feel the excitement of being here wear off and started to feel somewhat homesick. Only 14-19 more days to get internet and be in better contact! So we basically just hung out all night and watched a movie and I caught the metro just in time to get home. We made some plans for tomorrow night.

So quick little poll: Am I writing too much everyday or are you all keeping up reading just some or all? I think I will continue to write as much as I do as a type of “diary” but let me know what you think. J


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