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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Day 29


So today we had orientation at Berzosa (the far away campus) at 10am. So I got up and actually met Aya (the Japanese girl from our intensive language course) at the bus stop so I knew someone on the ride. We were only like 10 minutes late! J So a quick little tangent: Alcyn, Linda and I all were emailed by this guy named Louis Chaix from France saying he would be attending Nebrija as well and in his very broken English asked us where we would be sleeping! We’re sure he meant where we are staying but it is just funnier and creepier that way. So we did respond to him some just trying to find a piso during the summer but we always referred to him as Crazy French Guy because of how badly he would word things. Anyway, like 3 days ago I got an email from Crazy French Guy! He had only emailed Alcyn in the past. So at orientation they were calling out names because they were handing out some papers and stuff and called out Louis Chaix!!! It was Crazy French Guy!!! It was just kind of funny. I kind of introduced myself and just said “I think you emailed me” and he was like yea I emailed everyone. LoL Crazy! Anyway so I met a girl named something I can’t remember but she was nice and she’s from Ireland and I also talked to some people that were in the intensive language course too (a different level from me) from Germany. We had some refreshments and then headed back to Madrid. I had planned on trying to go to the bank (which closes always at 2pm) to get some money out to get my new abono (the month is almost over!) and also for rent but we didn’t get back until about 1:45 so there wasn’t really any hope. So I was going to take the bus all the way home but then decided to go get a few more groceries so I went to the store near Emily’s where I know it’s a good place. I got some food and then had to go to the bathroom really bad so I texted her to see if I could use her bathroom really quick since I was so close. Emily, myself and her friend Alke ended up going to get some coffee for a while. After that I finally headed home and made some lunch/dinner at about 5pm. Then I showered and everything because there was a party at Aya’s at 9:30pm (“pregaming party”). I took about a 10 minute nap and then headed over to Joanna’s to meet her before we went to Aya’s. Poor Joanna broke up with her boyfriend because he cheated on her (stupid guys!) and in the same day found out her father was in a car accident and broke his collar bone! My poor buddy L So we had a few beers at Joanna’s and Unai (oonai) and Emmanuel hung out with us for a bit. Unai will never come out because he’s always working and Emmanuel went to another friend’s party so just Joanna and I went to Aya’s party around 11pm. They had wine, beer, and Sangria which was nice. There were mostly American people at the party and actually all the noise ended up bothering Aya’s neighbor who threatened to call the police but obviously did not. So around 1:30 or 2am we decided to go to this place that is actually right by my metro stop and I told them all there’s NOTHING around there but we tried anyway. It didn’t work out. We weren’t able to get into the place and Aya thought her friend could get us in but I said they definitely were not going to let 15 people in for free. So Joanna and I branched off and went to the Sol area. We of course got a little lost but we eventually got there. She wanted some food so we went to get some but then she ended up not wanting anything. We met Emmanuel in Sol and then poor Joanna wore heels so her feet were killing her. We tried to find a place to sit and eventually went to this place called Palacio Givira which is actually very popular (they have international student night every Thursday night). We sort of found a little stoop to sit on and Emmanuel got a 10euro beer and Joanna got a 10euro mixed drink. Joanna was falling asleep on us so we kind of called the night right there. Tomorrow we’ll do better! I went actually to Joanna’s and was going to sleep on the couch because I thought it was much closer and they didn’t mind, but it actually was quite further away we realized once we were already on our way. Oh well. The couch worked just fine. J


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