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Friday, September 29, 2006

Day 27


So I was a little tired this morning but it was the last day of school so it didn’t bother me too much. I took my last test and went online just a little bit and then headed home because the internet guy was going to come around 1-3 to pick up the contract. I stopped at a grocery store and got some food which I thought would this time (since I got so much) would be more like 20 euros. Still only 11.90!!! It’s so crazy to me! So then I also stopped by a place to ask about buying an abono (monthly bus/metro pass) that is for under 21. When we first arrived it would take too long to get a youth pass so we just got a normal. After a lot of confusion in Spanish I found out I will have to buy another normal pass for this month and also apply NOW in order to get a youth pass in time for November. Great! So then I went home and waited around for the internet guy who finally came and I asked him if it might take less than 20 days and he said it will definitely be between 15 and 20 days. Ick! After that I slept a little and ate a little and at 9:30 everyone from our class met together to go eat at a restaurant that our teacher recommended to us. It took us forever to find it but we finally did and they did have some very good tapas and we also got a few cañas (small beers that usually cost around 1.25). Our bartender was really cool and he actually took a picture with us which I will put up later. After that we went looking for some place that supposedly has only 1euro drinks. We ended up at one place that gave us a free shot and then headed out again. We then found a place with free Mojitos which is actually one of my favorite places “Villa Rosa.” We stayed there for a while and then went out again and went to a place that one of our friends was at. We had a really hard time getting in; the bouncers were being ridiculous but we finally got in. The poor guys had to pay. It pays to be a girl sometimes. The club was a hip hop place and it was okay but I prefer somewhere with either techno or Spanish pop. So we were there for a while and then we went out looking for places again. We found a few more free shots and a lot of guys excited to see girls in a club. We actually made friends with one of the people who offered us free drinks. His name is David and he said he can get us in free and free drinks whenever so we were excited. Haha. After we went to his club we went to a few more, and strangely enough, saw David like 2 or 3 more times. It was kind of funny. We went to one last club and then headed home. Rhea decided she wanted to take a cab so she had her cab drop me off and the bus stop and she went home. I got the night bus and got home safely. It was around 4 or 4:30 when I went to bed. Not a bad night!


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