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Friday, September 29, 2006

Day 26


So I did both of my projects this morning and they went very well. We had a bunch of time in between 2 classes because we finished early so I had the people at school set up my computer so that I could connect wirelessly to their internet. Unfortunately I found out later they messed up my connection so it won’t work anywhere else. Still trying to figure it out. Actually I figured it out now. Anyway, after class I had a meeting at 4pm at Berzosa which is the other campus of Antonio Nebrija. Right now for my language intensive class I am at the Dehesa de la Villa campus which is an international student only campus and then Berzosa is the campus that is for actual Spanish students. They are both campuses of the University of Antonio Nebrija. Unfortunately the Berzosa campus is about an hour away. I actually have 4 classes at that campus and only 1 at Dehesa. Berzosa will be much harder but I think that I will learn my Spanish much quicker and better. My schedule on Mondays and Wednesdays is 2 classes at Berzosa starting at about 9am and ending at 1:30 and Tuesdays and Thursdays 3 classes, 2 at Berzosa and 1 at Dehesa starting at 10:30 and ending at 2:30. It should be nice but I will still had to get up somewhat early in order to get to Berzosa on time. Anyway, I had to figure out which bus to catch in order to get to my University which I did and figured out which stop to get off at. I had my meeting and in the middle of my meeting realized that I left my phone on the bus! That was the least fun moment ever! So when I got on the bus on the way home, I asked the bus driver (in Spanish of course) what I should do and he told me (somewhat rudely) that I should talk to the people at the bus station when we get back. When I talked to them they told me to just talk to all the bus drivers because there was nothing they could do. Then I talked to a bus driver and he told me to find a boss guy who could call all the drivers to say I lost my phone, but unfortunately that guy wasn’t around. So then I asked another guy and he told me to walk down the street (I didn’t realize that there were a million buses there) and try to find the bus I was looking for (I knew the bus driver was younger, thin, bald and that the bus was green and where it was going and what time I took it). So I started looking and saw the bus driver that was kind of rude to me and he asked me if I had found my phone yet and of course I said no. So he called up the boss guy who came over after about 15 minutes. The boss guy called up the bus driver that I had and then told me to wait for it to come. My appointment was at 4 at Berzosa and the bus driver arrived at about 7pm so after 3 hours I finally got my phone back!!! I was sooooo glad though because someone could have stolen it so easily. It was one of the happiest moments ever! Anyway after that I went home and ate something and then I headed over to Joanna’s and Emmanuel’s to use their internet. I hung out there for a while (I got there late around 11pm) and then finally returned home around 3am (the night bus takes forever! to come and takes me so long to get home). It was an interesting day.


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