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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Day 24
So we went to bed at a decent time on Saturday night so it wasn’t too bad to get up somewhat early. Linda wanted to go to Sagrada Familia since she missed it yesterday and I wanted to go to Casa Batlló and we also had to check out of the hostel before 11am. We also planned on seeing the Human Towers at 12:30 in the afternoon. So we got up around 9am packed out things, stored them, and headed off the do our own things. I went to Casa Batlló which ended up being 13.50 euro so I decided to skip it (it wasn’t incredibly important in the first place). I decided to go see another work by Gaudí which is a little further away called Casa Vicens. It actually is still occupied by people so there was no “museum” type showing and it was actually on a very quiet street with very few people and NO foreigners. So I took a few pictures and decided I could start walking home (it was fairly far) to Las Ramblas to see what was around and if I got tired I could just hop on the metro. I ended up walking all the way back (go me!) taking pictures here and there. I saw some things for the festival and a random impromptu “parade” of people promoting something about shared custody with divorces. I was kind of confused but it is possible they don’t have such a thing. So I walked all the way backed to Las Ramblas and met Linda so we could go to the Human Towers. It was actually called like The Traditional Ceremony where they have the giant statues dance and stuff but it is most know for the human towers. For those of you who are not sure what I’m talking about, people basically stack on top of eachother to make: a human tower. I think this was my favorite part of the weekend. It was really incredible. It was crazy to see these people do this. Two of the groups actually fell when they were up that high. Everyone was fine but it was pretty horrible to see everyone fall like that. It was cool to see them finally make the tower. It was also so crazy to watch them just shake because their muscles were so exhausted. One of the towers, before it fell, the whole thing was shaking because everyone’s muscles just gave up. I think that the hardest place to be in like the 2nd row because they’re there forever and holding up so much just on their own. I forgot to mention, they actually start off the towers with a little one with only 1 person per row and walk through the crowd as the tower. One group stacked up right next to the building and once they were stacked, they threw a rope to the little girl on top and pulled her over the balcony. So after the coolest thing ever, Linda and I grabbed some food. Then we went to the Parc Guell which is a HUGE park that Gaudi put together. It is VERY famous. It was so incredible. Like I said before he is really into nature and so one of the pictures of me and Linda looks like waves of rock. He also was very obsessed with lizards and one of the most famous pictures of his work is with the lizard we took a picture with. I look like crap in everything because I ran out of clothes and I was sick so it’s okay.

After that, Linda wanted to go to Casa Mila which she missed yesterday, and I thought I might go to Castle Montjuic so we went our separate ways. By the time I hopped on the metro I decided I was kind of tired and didn’t really want to go see the castle or spend money to see it so I went down by the bay. There was a wine tasting festival down there and I thought that could be fun so I bought some tickets. It was 6 euro for 10 tickets and it cost 2 or 3 tickets for each glass of wine. I ended up having 4 glasses total and being a little drunk-on accident though. I went and met Linda at the hostel and we picked up our bags and headed to the bus station to go home. We almost missed the bus! We finally met up with Mari there, who we hadn’t see since I left her at Casa Mila. She was staying with her friend in Barcelona though so we weren’t worried. Anyway we got there just in time and hopped on the bus on the way home.


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