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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Day 23
So let´s see here. Mari (Marina) had the idea to get up pretty early and get started on doing stuff. So I think around 10am is when we planned on meeting at the Sagrada Familia. I kind of wanted to do the day by myself and I also really needed to go buy a belt so I told Linda to go ahead without me and that I would just kind of do the day on my own. So I went kind of searching for a belt, some shoes, and maybe an outfit. I found a belt for 2euro but it wasn´t the right color but it held up my pants. So after that I looked around and couldn't find shoes to fit me and didn't really see any clothes I wanted. So I then was kind of looking for a place to buy tissues because I was sick and couldn't find anything and couldn't find a metro stop and eventually wound back up at Las Ramblas. I had to go to the bathroom and quick so I stopped at the (not usually public restrooms anywhere) public restrooms in Burger King and then decided I couldn't resist the temptation anymore so I bought a Whopper which cost a WHOPPING 3.20. Dang! And that's even more in US dollars. So then I decided to go to the Sagrada Familia. I hopped on the metro and in just a little bit I was standing in front of it! You can just walk out of the metro and BAM! there's an amazing building just sitting there like "hey I'm normal." It was INCREDIBLE. It was 5 euro for students to enter. I had to wait in line for a while but it wasnt too bad. I then went inside and took tons more pictures. It is still under a lot of construction but is amazing. Gaudi started building it in 1906 and he passed away around 1975 and the building wont be finished until about 2020 or 2030 I think. In the Sagrada Familia I got in line for the acensor-elevator-and actually found Marina! We found out later that Linda was at a different entrance and so we didn't end up meeting with her. So the elevator cost another 2euro but it was totally worth it. We went up into the towers and it was incredible. We then went down the spiral stairs and that was the scariest thing of my life!!! The stairs have nothing in the middle and no railing in the middle, only a railing on the side. After we were done at the Sagrada Familia we decided to get a little drink and tapa which ended up not being very good (the people working there were rude). We then walked to the Casa Mila which is another very famous work of Gaudi. His architecture is a lot of naturalism so he makes some very weird buildings.

We went inside the Casa Mila and the cool part about the Casa Mila is the roof. After that we planned to go to the Casa Batllo but since I was so sick I just went back to the hostel and took a 2 hour nap. I was exhausted! We hadn't seen Linda all day but she came in and woke me up around 7pm. We decided to get some dinner and weren't sure if Mari was going to eat with us but we just decided to get some because around 8:30pm there was a "parade of fire" and we had no idea what it was but we wanted to go. We decided on a place called Maoz which is actually vegetarian but they had really cheap falafel pitas and they were delicious! We headed over to the fire parade which turned out to be one of the coolest things I've done ever. It was weird and almost like a devil worship parade but it wasn't actually devil worship. People carry around sticks (what the devil carries but I can't remember what it's called) with firecrackers/firework type things on them and the firework spins shooting it's sparks all over. Some people dress with clothes covering them all over and dance in the sparks. We actually got a lot of sparks our way but they don't hurt-kind of like how sparkler sparks don't really hurt. It was awesome and it went on for over an hour and a half. Don't worry mom, I was safe :) .


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