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Monday, November 27, 2006

Tues. Nov. 7-Sat. Nov.11
So there wasn't too much that happened the week after grandma & grandpa left. I think Tuesday night Joanna & Emmanuel came over & we all watched Prison Break which I have come to love. You all should watch it. I've been downloading it online so they came over & we watched the newest episode & had a beer & some popcorn & that was a good night. Then Wednesday night Joanna & I went to salsa of course. My friend Johnathan & his friend ended up coming (Johnathan is the one that now lives in my old apartment). It was nice to have dance partners but they both were showing interest in Joanna and I & we both have boyfriends & of course we not interested so once class was over we bid them goodnight & I walked Joanna to the bus stop.
So we had no school on Thursday due to another break so I kind of relaxed all weekend. Friday night I went out with Joanna. We first got a drink at a bar & then met her girl friend from her University who was actually also Polish but Polish American (born in US). We had a good night and I think we got home around 5am or so. It was kind of nice because the girl was friends with the bartender so we ended up getting free drinks but it started to turn into a "club scene" which Joanna doesn't care for & I didn't really care for her girl friend so we went home & that was my crazy night for the weekend. Saturday night I did my best to go to bed early because mom & Catie came Sunday morning!


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