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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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Monday-the next Tuesday
Hey everyone!
So I've been a really big slacker on the blogging lately. I'm not going to lie, I've been REALLY busy but that's good right? So I'm going to do some summarizing because I really don't remember what I did every day. Last week I tried to really just kind of relax because I've been doing SO much all the time. I actually downloaded some american television shows so I watched some of those last week. On Wednesday I went to a salsa class with my roommates. That was super fun!!! My roommates are SO nice & it was cool because the bar is right next to our apartment building & it was free. We got there around 9pm & had a beer and later had a caipirinha which is a really yummy drink which is kind of like a lemonade slushie with alcohol. All of my roommates & I had to dance together because there were not enough guys. Luckily other people sucked at dancing too so I wasn't so bad. That was really fun and a good way to get to know my roommates.
I talked about how we had a problem with cockroaches. Well I finally got a call back from Carlos on Monday afternoon. We talked FOREVER and didn't say anything because Carlos is retarded (not literally). He kept telling me he's never had this problem before and we just should buy a spray or something and then told me that they would call a fumigator but technically it was our responsibility (a lie) to call them but then the landlady would pay for them. He told me he understood that because I was younger that I didn't know to call them myself. That made me furious because I'm a very independent girl and I called the city on my landlord when he wasn't taking care of the problem in my apartment in the US. I explained to Carlos that in the US it's the responsibility of the landlord (and I'm pretty sure it is here too). So after a long talk we hung up with nothing resolved but then a few minutes later Carlos's mom called me and we figured out that someone would come to fumigate on Friday which they did. We have still seen a few but I think the problem is better and now we will continue to treat it and I think we'll hopefully more or less solve the problem.
I can also talk a little more about my roommates. One is from Mexico and her name is Teresa (Tere for short), one is Spanish and her name is Beatriz (Bea for short), and the other girl is Peruvian and her name is Mara. They all are about 25 years old and they're all so nice. We always speak in Spanish though they do all know English more or less. So far we've all gotten along really well.
So then Thursday I had classes & all and then in the afternoon I had my flight to SWEDEN! My flight left at 5:15 and I stopped over in Amsterdam for about an hour & a half and continued my flight to Copenhagen, Denmark which is actually right next to Sweden. Johan lives in Malmo which is a 10 minute train ride to Copenhagen so he picked me up at the airport & then we headed over to Sweden. The train ride was EXPENSIVE-10 euros. It's alright though because I saw Johan!!! There's so much I have to say about Sweden & Denmark. This will be a long blog but it covers a week's worth of events.
So we arrived at Johan's apartment & basically just hung out for a while not believing that I was actually visiting him. It's one of those things that you say that you would do someday but never do it. It was AWESOME. So we just chatted for a while & then he headed over to his parent's house to stay & I got to use his bed, which was the most comfortable bed EVER! It was from IKEA which is actually a Swedish company! So the next morning Johan came over & we had some breakfast. A typical breakfast in Sweden is a peice of bread sliced in half and buttered with a peice of cheese on each half. There are many variations of this too. Actually Saturday morning we went to Johan's and had a big breakfast with his mom. We had the same thing but there were also boiled eggs and peppers to put on the bread, butter, & cheese. Another common thing is to put on the eggs & then CAVIAR. It was strange. I tried it. When you think of caviar you think of a nice jar with gross black fish eggs. But this was in a tube and it was a pink paste-like thing. It was really salty & kind of fishy tasting so it wasn't my favorite but I did try it! So back to Friday. We met up with Johan's girlfriend at the bus station because we were going to Copenhagen that day. His girlfriend is half Dannish/half Swedish and her name is Yannie. She is a very very nice girl & really sweet. That morning she was kind of hungover so I wasn't quite sure if I would like her but I really did.
So we headed over to Copenhagen and actually started shopping but then I said I would go shopping in Malmo the next day & so we should just explore Copenhagen. We had some lunch which was a little strange but nothing too different. Then we decided to go on a boat tour around the city which was AWESOME. We saw the little mermaid which is the symbol of Copenhagen & is where the Disney story came from. I will put up all the pictures of this adventure tomorrow & will also finish the blog tomorrow. I have to do some studying & then go to bed. I love you all so much! O P.S. to view the pictures on the other website you have to copy & paste the website into the browser to go to the website. You can't click on it. Sorry for the confusion. Hasta manana (until tomorrow!).


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