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Saturday, October 28, 2006

So let's finish off what happened on the Sweden trip...
So the next morning, Johan & Yannie came over around 10:30am & we had some more typical Swedish breakfast & then we headed to a castle that is in Malmo. It was interesting to me because Yannie & Johan had both been there many times on field trips & stuff but still were excited to go because it had been such a long time since they went. I can totally appreciate that & it's just funny to think of them having gone to a castle when they were kids & I went to stuff like Living History Farm. Hehe.
So anyway we headed for the castle which ended up being really cool. We also went past the Turning Torso again on the bus which is the symbol of Malmo. It's a building that looks like & is turning. I got even better pictures this time. Then we had to walk just a tiny bit to the castle but I got some beautiful pictures of the landscape & all. It was perfect weather, not too cold & not too hot. So we got to the castle & it was really neat. They actually had a bunch of different things to see in it. There was a little zoo kind of thing in the basement which lizards & huge weird bugs & bats & really cool weird fish. It was neat. Then there was a part with some history of dinosaurs & animals & history & junk like that but it was all in Swedish so I was like let's go find the cool castle-looking part. And we did. Johan showed me his favorite part as a kid which was the basement/dungeon with real canons & stuff. It was really neat. There was a whole bunch of it that had the original castle walls & furniture & stuff. There was one part which I thought was interesting because I learned a little history. In one room there was a bunkbed & stuff & it was telling about the Jews. When World War II was over a ton of the Jews came to Sweden & actually a whole bunch of them stayed in that castle. I always had thought Sweden was neutral in the war (I kind of remember learning this a little) but actually they were on Germany's side until towards the end of the war & there were actually 500 Swedish soldiers in the SS. Interesting eh? It is when you see that history in person!
So then we had to head to the bus station & I got a few more pictures on the way. I almost missed my train back to Copenhagen so I very quickly said goodbye to Johan & Yannie. It was such a great time!!! I got home around midnight (actually 1 after riding the metro home). I was actually a little depressed to have left my friends & I kind of had felt like I was at home speaking English & being with my friend who I only had hung out with in the states. I was kind of sad to be going back to Spain & not home to Iowa. The homesickness kicked in a little more. I'm okay now though. But the more emails & comments I get the better I feel! ;-) Alright I'll finish off the rest of my week on the next page. Then we'll be caught up. Haha I'll never stay caught up.


Anonymous Nora said...

That's so cool you got to see Johan! I can't believe all the amazing things you're doing and seeing! :) Don't worry, you'll be home in no time and you'll have all these amazing memories of Europe (and pictures too, I'm sure!).

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

living history farms kicked ass.

hope your having a great time kiddo.


4:59 PM  

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