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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Oct. 27-Nov. 3
Hey all! So I think I'm going to kinda change to writing every once in a while. Now that life is more normal there's a little less to write about.
So last Friday I went out with my roommates & my friend Carlos from school & his friend. We went to calle de Huertas but the girls didn't quite understand the bar hopping concept of Huertas so we stayed at a few bars for a while & actually around 4am I went home because I knew that Saturday night would be a big party night so I should get some sleep. We were right by some big fight that was breaking out that night that was kind of scary. I couldn't understand exactly why they were so mad though because you can imagine how understandable a pissed off drunk spaniard is. Haha. We had a good time though at the few different bars we went to. I did meet the friend of one of my roommates who was actually French but she has been living here for 3 years so her Spanish is perfect & she almost looks Spanish so I thought she was. Hope my spanish is that good someday.
So then Saturday was a great time! I got up late as always & didn't do too much the whole day but got ready for that night. Carlos & Cesar (a Mexican guy from school) invited me to their friends party which I found out upon arrival was a costume party. I also called up Rhea & her & her Spanish friend came. So we did some English speaking, some Spanish speaking & it was great. Something the spanish think about Halloween (which they don't really understand in the first place) is that the costumes are supposed to be scary, not focused on creativity or humor but just scary or maybe dress up as another person. In Spain they celebrate Halloween but have started to adapt it just recently & don't really understand anything behind it. They do not trick or treat or have haunted houses or CANDY CORN either. Ooo which reminds me: *shout out to mom-you should bring over some candy corn with you.* So we were at the party for quite a while & then the police showed up. Hehe, I can't get in trouble for drinking at a house party in Spain!!!!!! How great!!! No dropping the beer & running. Everything got smoothed over & then we decided to go to a club. We lost some of Carlos's friends on the way *they said they'd meet us there.* Then Carlos's friend Alberto who was with us saw someone he knew living on the street. He works at a "nursing home" & one of the guys who used to live there know lives on the street. It was really sad & unfortunately really affected Alberto for the rest of the night so he ended up not going to the club with us. So Carlos & I got there finally & searched for his friends who we ended up never finding. We just danced for a while & then they started playing American oldies!!! We were dancing to freaking Elvis, Shout!, & Grease. LoL It was quite ridiculous especially since the Spanish don't know how to dance to some of the classics. No one jumped up with their hands up during Shout! Oh well. So we were getting ready to leave & upon waiting for Carlos to finish in the bathroom a 40 year old drunk guy came up to me & started dancing w/ me & pulled me onto the dance floor. He was quite harmless though & I finally escaped his drunken grasp. It was pretty funny. After that I finally headed home & went to bed around 7am. Crazy night!!!
To be continued...
P.S. Photographs!!!!!!!


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