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Friday, October 27, 2006

So after we took the boat tour, we actually headed to the King & Queen's castle. I thought it was an older castle we could go into but it was still cool to see from the outside. There were the guards with the funny hats there. Hehe. Then we grabbed a little more food & I tried a Dannish sausage (hot dog). It was weird but very good. It had some sauce & dried fried onions & some other stuff. Different but still tasty. Then we headed to a place called Tivoli which is actually an amusement park so I was kind of disappointed that it wouldn't be more cultural but then I found out it is an extremely popular place in Denmark. There are so many pictures of it in travel guides so then I was on board. So it cost 75 Dannish crowns to get in which equals about 7.50 euros. Crowns are so weird. Everything is basically x10. 100 crowns=10 euro. There are also Swedish crowns (crowns are also called kroners) & then I guess Norway also has crowns but Finland uses the euro. Those are the parts of Scandanavia basically. So Tivoli was pretty cool. We couldn't do much because everything cost money so we just walked around and took some pictures & that was great.
We were kind of tired after that so we headed back to Johan's place & I started mixing up the Sangria that I had taken over for them. They LOVED it. Absolutely LOVED it! We just kind of hung out all night at Johan's & his brother came over later with his friend & then we just eventually went to bed (Johan & Yannie went back to Johan's parents). We had a party planned for the next night.
So then we got up Saturday morning & went to Johan's mom's for the breakfast that I already explained. His mom had such a strong British accent (everyone here learns British english) so it was kind of funny. I met Johan's youngest brother who is quite a nerdy little videogame player (I mean that in a nice way) so we didn't see him much. So after that we went SHOPPING! I felt kind of weird at first to drag around Johan & Yannie with me but they enjoyed it so I felt better. I got 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of boots, & a few tops. My jeans are so different than what I normally wear. Here in Europe, the style is tight jeans that are tight and tight around the calf & everything (no flares). And then they wear they're boots on top of the jeans. It's what EVERYONE does. So now my clothes are like that. It's really different for me but actually looks nice. So that was great!!! I felt so much better having clothes that FIT me. So then Yannie went to take a nap & Johan & I got some groceries for dinner that night (they were making me a traditional Swedish dinner). We stopped by a popular cathedral called St. Peter's on the way back but we couldn't go inside because there was a wedding in progress so we just took a pic outside & headed on our way. We went back to Johan's & I made some more Sangria. We found a bottle in the liquor store.
In Sweden the alcohol sales are a big deal. There are huge taxes on alcohol & you can only buy your alcohol at government owned special stores & you ALWAYS have to have your ID. It was crazy. Alcohol is VERY expensive in Sweden.
So anyway I got to making Sangria & finally Yannie & Johan's best friend got there & we started making dinner. We had Swedish meatballs, little sausage/weiners, bread/butter/cheese, some weird potato lasagna-like thing that had anchovies in it (i tried it), potatoes & pickled herring (2 varieties). Pickled herring is actually a really big thing in Sweden (Yannie had it for breakfast one morning). I tried both types. Not too tasty. One was okay but when I took a bite, after I could see like hair-like bones sticking out. That ruined my appetite. It was good to try it though. The meatballs were GREAT so I stuck to those.
So then Johan's cousin & her american boyfriend came over & I taught them all how to play a drinking game called "Fuck the Dealer." It was funny because they don't really have drinking games as much in Europe. Here it's about drinking socially, not drinking to get wasted like in the US. So then Mike (the american boyfriend who was not drinking) drove us all to the town that Yannie's university is in & we went to a club that Johan's cousin knew. It ended up being 26 years old & older but we still went in!!! I paid 8 euros (80 kroners) to go to a bar that I felt very out of place at. We still had a really good time though & I had some Swedish cider (apple cider that is fermented). We also have it in Spain but it was better in Sweden. So after that we headed back (it was kind of early but Malmo is a small town so there wasn't much left to do) & hung out at Johan's for a bit & then we went to bed (they went to his parents). I promised them they need to come to Spain & we'll make up for the lack of partying. Hehe. It was still a fun night. I'll finish the rest tomorrow. Love you all!!!


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