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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sat. Nov. 4-Thurs. Nov.16
Hello all!!!
So I'm sorry it's been such a while since I've written. In between everyone visiting me I haven't had much time. So it has come to my attention that some people have been worrying about me & my going out late & all. Just to clarify, I'm going out late but just as late as any other person here. We take our siestas for this reason & it's really truly not a big deal here. Being out that late is completely normal in Spain. In fact I go home "early" often compared to the Spanish & I am being safe I promise. Any worrying about any Spanish guys bothering me is unneeded. I have been dealing with their boldness & they leave you alone if you let them know they need to leave. Since mom is here right now she can tell you they really just are very many of them that are bold like that but it's nothing to be worried about. So to review, all of you I love you & please don't worry. I'm being smart & being safe & I won't put myself in danger.
So now for the good stuff...
Well I ended with the first day that grandma & grandpa were here.
So on Saturday we all got up at a pretty decent time & grabbed a quick bite to eat. We had to run a few little errands (go to Corte Ingles, etc). We ended up having to go to the police station then because it was NECESSARY that grandma file a police report in order to get her traveler's cheques reimbursed. That luckily didn't waste too much time (like an hour or so). Unfortunately though it got in the way of us going to a castle because of the time of day because we had reservations for a Flamenco show that night around 6:30 I think (kind of early). So we headed back & grabbed something to eat. This unfortunately was a while ago so some of my details are foggy but my grandparents can tell you it all! So then we headed to Flamenco which we planned on doing with my American friend Rhea & her mom who was visiting. The show was amazing. Everyone really really enjoyed it. I'll get some of those pictures posted. Flamenco dancing is a very popular thing here in Spain. It began in Spain & has somewhat of a tap dance aspect to it along with very specific hand movements which are graceful. There are also guitarists & a singer that go along with the performance. I will try & figure out how to post a video online for you all the see the dancing. So after that it was still pretty early so we went to eat a little something. We got some more tapas (normal tapas) with Rhea & her mom. I had a caipirinha (a yummy lemonade type alcoholic drink that is Brazilian) & grandpa tried Sidra (cider-like apple cider that is fermented which is very popular here as well). We were there for quite a while & actually just ended up hitting the sack after that since we were all pooped!
Sunday morning we got up & went to the Rastro. As always it kind of becomes overwhelming with so many people but I think grandma & grandpa did enjoy it. Grandma got a few patches & a cute little Flamenco dress for one of my cousins. I got a few little things for some of my wonderful friends who read my blog as souvenirs so get excited! After that we had planned on going to a castle that is right outside of Madrid. We had to take the metro up north & then after that catch an Interurban bus. It took about an hour to get there in total but we saw some great scenery & the castle was AMAZING. It was called Manzanares El Real. It's not a super big castle but it was so very neat to see. We could walk around all outside & then we could go inside too & it wasn't too overly redone so it didn't look like it used to anymore. They had original suits of armor & everything & the guy told us the parts that had be redone (to keep up the castle) were redone so they continued to look exactly as it was. I'll get these pictures put up too. We got done there & finally caught the bus back home. We had planned on making an "american" dinner Sunday night for all my roommates & my friend Joanna from school. So we headed home (we had already bought the groceries) & made fried chicken, pork chops, corn on the cob & homemade potatoes & gravy. It was such a great dinner for me since I missed home & great for my friends who hadn't had some of that before. We also had root beer floats for dessert. Except for the US & Canada I'm not sure if they have root beer anywhere else. Most people have no idea what it is. They all really enjoyed it though & we had great conversation. It was a really great time!
The last real day that grandma & grandpa were here (they left early Tues. morning) they unfortunately had to spend the whole morning trying to get grandma's new passport & then we planned to meet up @ 3:15 to catch the Renfe train to Toledo @ 3:50 to go & see all the famous swords there as well as everything else Toledo has to offer. (Toledo is a town about a half hour TRAIN ride outside of Madrid). Unfortunately it was too late so we missed the train. :-( Well grandma & grandpa went to the Reina Sofia instead & I studied for a while. When they got done @ the Reina Sofia we went to get some Paella! The place we went to is actually one of the first places I went to in Madrid (the same place with the beer taps at the table). We were all STUFFED full of food. Grandma & grandpa loved the Paella & we also had some sangria & salad earlier. Even though we were bursting at the seams we went to get churros & chocolate so they could have it before they left. Since churros taste similar to funnel cakes that wasn't so good but we did get some really good chocolate & enjoyed that. After that we headed back to the hotel & I kissed them both goodbye. It was really kind of sad for me but it kept me going that I would see mom & Catie next week. It was a really nice visit from my grandparents & I'm glad we all had such a good time.
To be continued...


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I'm soo glad you had a good visit with Gram and Gramp. I miss you!! I am so sad you, Catie, and Mom won't be home for Thanksgiving. Call me!

I love you Sis! XOXOXOXO

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