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Monday, November 06, 2006

Friday-Friday continued...
So I obviously got up extremely late on Sunday afternoon around 3pm. I actually woke up to my roommates who had cooked lunch! My Spanish roommate Bea cooked a Spanish Omelette (spanish tortilla) & we had some salad & such & then we also had a flan type of dessert but it was actually lemony. It was a GREAT thing to wake up to! So that was basically the highlight of my day as I didn't do too much else that day.
I had my first test on Tuesday. I ended up being late for it because I have a class before it at the far away campus & so I am usually late. Unfortunately the professor that day was different than usual so I didn't get any extra time allocated at the end of class. :-( I think I did alright but that time I missed could have helped a lot.
Wednesday we all intended to go to a salsa class but we didn't go. Wednesday was actually a holiday in Spain so I didn't have class but I mostly just hung around at home all day because when it's a holiday there's not too much to do.
So Friday finally came & that's when my grandma & grandpa came!!! I accidentally missed my classes that morning by waking up too late (WAY too late). So I headed to the airport & waited for them. Their plane was a little late so that was FUN. Hehe It was so great to see my family here! We took them back to their hotel but unfortunately on the way grandma unknowningly got pickpocketed & someone took her "wallet" that contained her passport, traveller's checks & about 40 euro. We realized it on our way to the hotel. So we knew that would be fun to figure out. Then when we got to the hotel we realized that grandma had made the reservations for the days that they were in Italy!!! Fortunately the hotel let them stay but they did get charged for one night's stay for not calling in. What an unfortunate day!!! So then we headed to a little street I know & got some tapas which I thought would be like a few potatoes, some olives, etc but it was HUGE peices of bread w/ ham, cheese, etc. on them. A different kind of tapa though still a tapa but not what I thought. We also had some pizza with it so we were stuffed & actually went back to the hotel & took a nap. We got up for dinner so grandma & I went to get a different kind of tapa & grandpa stayed at the hotel cuz he was too tired. We also had some Sangria which of course grandma loved. We walked around Plaza Major & Puerta del Sol a little & then headed home & I let them turn in for the night. I headed on my way home & got some sleep!


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