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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Day 44
So I tried to get up at a decent time this morning so I could get packing & all that. I got up around 11am & called Jonathan (the person taking over my room) & told him he can move in tomorrow & he's alright with paying the commission & everything so that's great! Well I took a shower in our newly fixed shower!!! One decent shower in a month & a half & now I'm moving. Then I wanted to get to the bank so I could get money to pay the first month of rent (I already had the deposit). I of course got lost but finally found it which was great. I also got a phone call from the dueƱa (landlady) & she asked for all my facts so that I didn't have to email them to Carlos later. That was really successful. I had planned on going home & packing but also cleaning because the fontaneros left a huge mess from all the pipework but Marte had already cleaned up a LOT. I got everything all packed & then mopped the whole place & had some lunch. Then I waited around a bit & at 6:00pm headed over to my new place!!! I got the contract all signed & everything & then sat down to use my new INTERNET!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! I then went to the nearest grocery store & got a few groceries. The awesome cheap grocery store is less then 3 minutes walking & there's another one that's even closer & just as cheap! So awesome!!! I headed back home & made some dinner. Carlos came over a little later to install a curtain which ended up taking him forever & it never ended up working out but he managed to talk to me (in English) the whole time he was here & drive me CRAZY! He really is a nice guy but I didn't get anything done for a few hours because of him. I met one of my roommates Mara from Mexico. She is incredibly nice & I think we will get along well. Unfortunately I saw some BUGS in the place already. Not sure what they are but hopefully we can get rid of them & quick! Oh well. I just spent the rest of my Saturday night calling people with Skype & taking advantage of the internet. Maybe you all with be getting calls now that it's cheap! Sweet so I love you all so much. Have a good one & talk to you all soon!!! Love!


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