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Thursday, September 21, 2006

My birthday (from left): Linda, Hermine, Marina, Dawn, Emily, Erika, Joanna, Emmanuel

Day 20
So I had a very very sore throat and somewhat of an earache this morning. It's either just a sinus infection or I am allergic to my roommate's smoking. So I stayed home from school. We were going to go to the Reina Sofia museum and I wanted to go but didn't want to go with the school because I stayed home sick. So I slept in some and had some breakfast. A friend had told me that there is a pretty famous church on my street and I managed to find it. It has paintings by Goya on the ceilings and is called: San Antonio de La Florida. It was free and it was just kind of nice to see. After that I went to the Reina Sofia and for students it's only 3euro. There was the second part of the Picasso exhibit there with his most famous work of art: Guernica. I bought a small picture to hang once I get home. I might take a picture of it to put up so you guys know what I'm talking about. There were some other artists and some really interesting paintings and sculptures. After that I got some groceries for my party and went home. I started cooking some stuff and then took a quick nap. Around 8pm Emily showed up and everyone was supposed to show up around 9pm but everyone of course got there much later. We had sangria that I made that was very good (very popular), Pasta, Salad, I made some bruschetta, we also had some white wine and later some wonderful birthday cake that Emily got for me. We also had some sidra which is slightly fermented apple juice. Emily came, Marina, my roommate Erika, Joanna, Emmanuel, Dawn, Linda, Hermine (it's Swedish, she's Emily's roommate), and 3 Austrians (Isabel, Caroline, and Joseph) that had just moved into our building. It was a very fun time and when everyone left and I finally got everything cleaned up it was about 2:30AM. Oh! I also got a few different candles for my birthday from the 3 Austrians and from Joanna & Emmanuel. Erika also gave me a nice pair of earrings. I felt pretty darn special! I will try and
This is in front of the Reina Sofia

get some photos up from today and I still have to put a bunch from the past week or so. I just want to say again I love hearing from you all and I hope to respond when I have more time. I do get everyone's Facebook messages and I want to tell you all I love you and hope to respond to you soon too. Tonight(Thursday) I am leaving to go to Barcelona at midnight so I don't have that much time. So I love you all and have a good one!!! If you want, you can try and text me to say happy birthday: 619 82 22 86 (first dial 011 34 and then the number). Love you all!!!


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