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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sat. Nov. 25 Day 9
Our last real day in Paris and our last day travelling! Catie was getting a little worn out from all the site seeing so Mom & I went to the Palace of Versailles in Versailles which is about 20 min. out of the city. It is the biggest palace in the world. The gardens alone are enormous! The line was about 2 hours long so we actually only looked around the Palace on the outside and explored the gardens a little. It was so very neat to see. I wish we coulde inside to see the Hall of Mirros but we just had so much more to see. We got back to the hotel and picked up Catie and by then it was about 3pm. so we grabbed some food and by the time we got done with all that it was dark enough to go see the Eiffel Tower! It's about 10 times more beautiful at night. We waited in line and went up inside it. Mom was a little nervous but it was really worth it. What a view! Every hour on the hour the whole building sparkles for miles! The Tower has a total of 1710 stairs. That'd be quite the exercise. The tower is just a little over 100 years old and was built for the World Trade Fair. I was impressed. After that we walked to the Arc de Triumphe to go see it up close. You actually have to walk under the road to get to it. There is an unknown soldier buried there so there is a monument to him but the Arc was actually built after a military triumph (Arc de TRIUMPHE). We were kind of bummed out because we had planned to meet our friends from Rome because they were actually in France the same time as us too but they got their dates mixed up so we didn't see them. We have their email and everything so we'll still be able to keep in touch. So after the Arc we headed back towards the hotel and had some dinner again at the restaurant we ate at for Thanksgiving. Mom & I had onion soup (In France you don't need to say FRENCH onion soup). We also had some genuine french creme brulee which was AMAZING! So yummy! France truly does have some of the best chefs and food. We got everything all packed up that night for the travel home and got some good sleep. Oh and by the way the Christmas lights weren't yet lit in almost all the city except for this last night on our street they turned the light on. Mom was very excited!


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