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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mon. Nov. 27-Thurs. Nov. 30
Monday I just stayed at home and relaxed after class. Tues. Joanna, Emmanuel & Rhea came over to watch the fall finale of Prison Break. I brought a bottle of wine back to Madrid from France that Emmanuel had recommended and so we drank that. Joanna & Emmanuel had also brought 2 bottles of wine and Rhea brought one. We ended up eating pizza, popcorn and drinking the 4 bottles of wine. We were just having such a nice time that it got late and they finally left around 1AM. I unfortunately had a headache the next day but we had such a nice time that it didn't matter. That night we had all planned on going to salsa class. Finally at about 10:30PM Joanna, carlos & Cesar arrived. Joanna had brought a bottle of wine so we drank that "quick" and were sitting and chatting forever until we realized it was too late to go to salsa. Cesar has asked us to go to Bourbon Cafe (where he works) for Mexican night every Wed. so we decided to go. We had a blast! We got a few Coronitas (they say that, not Corona) and danced forever. They had a crazy contest (in which I did not participate) to drink tequila for 10 seconds and receive a prize. They had a few little contests but we just danced the whole time. We finally got home around 5:30AM (Family don't freak out) and I got to class by 9AM the next day. It was a good time but won't really happen again. I was EXHAUSTED in class the next day. Thursday I got everything packed up and Thea and I took our flight out at 8PM to Amsterdam. We were staying with her friend there who studies there so he met us at the train station and we went to his place and went to bed. We were tired and it was late and we wanted to get a jumpstart the next day. Tomorrow you will get the adventures of Amsterdam and then I'll finally be caught up! Love you all! send me emails and leave me comments. Tell me you miss me. Muah!!!


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