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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Fri. Dec. 1-Sun. Dec. 3
So Rhea and I planned on getting up fairly early and ended up sleeping a little later than planned but it wasn't too late. We got up around 10am and actually Colin had class that morning so we didn't see him for a bit. He actually had a prostitution lecture that morning so we learned some things from him later on. We headed out to the Anne Frank Museum. First we stopped and grabbed a little something to drink (some coffee) and we actually had a few peices of bread from Colin for breakfast. So the Anne Frank house is pretty close to Colin's place. It was a really interesting thing to see. It is the house that her and her family hid in during the second World War. They hid above Anne's father's factory for a few years and small little fact is that his factory was a jam-making factory. We were able to see each room and throughout the whole museum were facts and quotes from Anne's diary. There wasn't really any furniture or anything but for instance there were still the posters on Anne's wall from when she lived there. It was sad but really neat to experience. After that we met Colin for some lunch and actually just got some food at Maoz which is a falafel place. Then we waited around for Rhea a few minutes because she managed to get a phone interview with a lady back in the states. Woohoo Rhea! She did great! So then we went to the Van Gogh museum. I was soooooo tired of museums after Italy and France so I wasn't thrilled to go. However it was awesome. I really enjoyed it. It was a good museum with paragraphs about each section of his life and a lot of explanation about each style and about each painting. I got a great Japanese print of his for our office which I'm pretty excited about. Then we headed to get some dinner. There are a lot of different cultural influences in Amsterdam besides Dutch and one of the 'most important' cuisines to try that we had was actually Indian. It was really yummy and a TON of food. So after that we went to check out the Red Light District. That was a CRAZY thing to see. It was basically window shops of women scantily dressed and ready for sex. Here's a link to a photo: Red Light District
So it's weird cuz they actually categorize the sections of the District. There is the skinny blonde section, the big sugar mamma section, the asian section and I think I even saw the white trash section. There are sex shops and live sex shows throughout the whole district too. So after seeing the district we got a drink and chilled for a while. Before we went home we grabbed a peice of Space Cake that Rhea and I shared. We were all so extremely exhausted that we went straight home and fell asleep. Haha, our space cake did not work. Maybe if we haven't gone to bed so quickly. Oh well. We went to bed fairly late but hoped to get up at a fairly decent time the next day.
So Saturday morning we didn't have a specific plan but we got up at a decent time and had some breakfast and got ready. We had wanted to rent some bikes and go riding through the city but unfortunately it was raining out so that didn't work so well. We were walking around and picked up some bread and YUM cheese. Cheese is supposedly the best when it's from the Netherlands. It's true!!! Yummmy. So we just grabbed that food and actually headed to the Heinekin Museum. Rhea and Colin weren't thrilled but I thought it'd be fun. It ended up being probably the best time I had there! For 10 euro we got 3 beers and a cool beer opener thing. The museum was fun with a DJ music making part and a "ride" of how it is to be a bottle of beer. Haha. There is one bar where you get one beer and then a bar at the end where you get your other two beers. So we sat down and started slurping down our beers and remembered we had some cards so we got those and started playing. Then we saw some friends of Rhea that we knew would be there too and they sat w/ us for a bit. The didn't want to finish their next beers so they gave us their extra chips. A few other people gave us their chips too. So we were just chilling and then remembered the bread and cheese we brought. We busted that out and all in all ended up spending 4 hours at the museum. It was a BLAST! After that we checked out this windmill within the city and that was neat. We just kind of walked around a bit too. It was a good time. Then we sat and got a coffee and then met some of Rhea's friends for dinner (the same friends from before). It seems like we don't get a lot done when we're here but it's because it takes quite a while to walk places. So after dinner we went back to Colin's to get ready to go out. We went to a few different places that were nice and fun. We were going to go into this club but it was about 10 euro that we didn't feel like spending. Plus some guy in line was grabbing me and I did not feel like being around it. It sucked because everything closed around 2am. :-( We went home and tried another space cake which did not have an effect again of course so I gave up on that idea. We went to bed fairly late but had a nice sleep.
So Sunday morning we got up and got packing. We went out for a while and did some shopping for souvenirs and such. I got a great pair of slippers that look like the stereotypical wooden clogs. Teehee they’re cute. So I also looked for some boots and some jeans. Rhea and I both found some great pairs of shoes. Woohoo! So we got headed back to Colin’s and grabbed our stuff. I grabbed some cheese to take back to Spain w/ me and we got to the train station that would take us to the airport. Our flight was supposed to get us home around 8pm which was great. Unfortunately there were some “technical problems” which took about an hour to fix. Then we finally took off on our way home to Madrid. After about 30 minutes in the air, they said we had to go back because the problem wasn’t fixed completely! After returning, landing, and switching planes, we FINALLY got on our way home. I unfortunately got home around midnight and just collapsed of exhaustion. So it was nice to be back and I had a great time!!! Until school tomorrow…


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