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Monday, November 27, 2006

Sun. Nov. 12-Thurs. Nov. 16
So Mom & Catie arrived today! (Mom's bday) Of course something had to go wrong. I woke up late! Mom & Catie figured out how to use a pay phone & called me & woke me up at 9am so I hurried to the airport but it turned out to get to the Metro area they had to catch a shuttle so I actually met them just in time. We hopped on the metro & Cercanias & got back to my place. We walked around a bit & grabbed a little breakfast & then headed to the Rastro where they got their souvenirs & I finished buying the souvenirs that I want since it might not be open the next time I could go. I think after that whole big adventure we probably grabbed some food & actually headed home & they were so jet lagged they just slept the rest of the night. I of course had to study for an icky test so that was fun but I did get time to study so that was good. So over the next few days there was just a lot of touristyness with Mom & Catie. On Wednesday Catie came to school with me & that was really fun. I took her out for about 2 hours Tuesday night just so she could see what the clubs were like but we had class the next day so we didn't do anything really big. Wednesday night I took them to my salsa class & they tried Caipirinhas which are yummy lemonade like slushy alcoholic drinks. Mmmm. Actually my director of the study abroad department was in Madrid so she was there too with Alcyn & Linda and we just chatted about how our time has been here so far. Thursday Mom & Catie went to Segovia all day to see the Aqueducts & the Alcazar castle which is actually the castle the was a model for the Disneyland/Disneyworld castles. They got back around 9pm & we actually went to dinner with Carlos & Joanna (my roommates couldn't go because one was out of town, one was sick & one had to study for a test :-( ). Dinner was a good time with some yummy paella but we had a really crappy waiter. It was of course the crappy waiter that we got. So we headed back to my apartment and got packing for Italy & France and hit the sack!
Soon to come...The visit to Italy & France


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