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Thursday, September 07, 2006

***A list of things that I find interesting that are different in Spain***

*Dos besos-2 kisses: 1 for each cheek. When you meet someone new or say goodbye you both kiss each other's cheeks. But we learned it's more so a touch of the cheek and making the kissing sound. Good to know. The girls from Germany told us when they were younger it used to be a kiss on the mouth when you said hi to all your friends and who you kiss and how you do it depends on the generation. In France there are places with 4 kisses.

*Los cuadernos-the notebooks. In EEUU (Los estados unidos-the US) we only use notebooks with little squares (not lines) for math. However in Europe it is possible to get notebooks with lines but they mostly use notebooks with squares for all their classes.

*The walking-Here you walk everywhere and if you're not used to this like me, you can actually feel all the muscles that you're working. When you wear flip flops all the time your feet get extremely dirty:
This is actually after about 5 minutes of scrubbing in the shower. Nice right? Ick!

*The metric system. A bottled water is 50cl. A wonderful thing is that a 1.5L bottle (3 regular bottled water put into 1 ginormous one) is only 1 euro (1.25$).

*Diet coke is Coca Cola Light.

(I'll write more as they come to me)

Update: 9/11/06

*Fire/police sirens: These are different but there are also a few that sounds that same. My mom actually mentioned that they were different when she heard them pass about a million times on the phone.

*Pillows: The pillows here are longer...they're about 1.5 times the size they are in the US. It's just a little strange.

*Crosswalks: This is a weird one. When the light turns green, it sounds like a bird is chirping. My friend Joanna from Poland said it's actually the noise that their police sirens make. As Linda explained, it is for the deaf people. And when she explained it I asked her to say it again and she said it was for the DEAF people. LoL, we all know she meant blind people.

*ATMs: These freak me out!!! When you put your card in, they don't just zip it in and accept it like in the US. So everytime you go to put your card in, it slowly sucks it in and makes me feel like the machine is broken and I will never get my card back. It works every time though!

*Groceries: The groceries here are VERY cheap. I bought groceries which will last me almost a week and they were 12Euro. In the US, the same groceries would have cost me about 25$.

*On the bus: EVERYONE gets up for older people. EVERYONE! Absolutely everyone gives up their seat for the elderly. It's crazy because we're supposed to do that in the US but we don't. But here EVERYONE gets up for them. It's kind of nice.

*Walking barefoot: So here there is not really any carpeting. And no spanish person walks around barefoot (caminar descalsa). They all wear slippers & if you don't they will tell you to be careful (maybe because of splinters). It's just strange because everyone in the US walks around barefoot but NO ONE here does.


Blogger Skaar Web Consulting said...

you better buy some walking shoes - maybe you can find a pair of cheap knock off Sketchers - and while you're looking see if you can find me a pair too - the ones with the criss-cross straps! Size 8 - or whatever it is over there! Dos Besamos - Hermana Sandy

11:29 PM  
Anonymous erin said...

ewwwww....dirty feet :) i love you aly and i miss you mucho

12:55 PM  

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