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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Day 8
So right now in our apartment we dont have internet so I am borrowing someone elses internet and computer to write this blog. However, their computer is from Germany so there will be some grammatical errors due to the Z being where the Y is and other things like that. Also, I will have to get some pictures put up later since I dont have my own computer here with my pictures. Anyway, so Day 8. Lets see here...This was on Friday. So we had some schooling which is never incredibly exciting but Oh well. But through the program that we are doing, they have 'excursions' every Friday and Saturday. On Friday we went to the Museo del Prado (Prado museum). Unfortunately it was very hot and I was EXTREMELY hungry and thirsty so it was kind of hard to enjoy, but we did see works from El Greco, and two other Spanish artists that I sadly have to look up later because I dont remember who they were. I got some great pictures that I will post later. There was also an exhibit going on of Pablo Picasso! But we couldnt go in as a group but when we were done as a group they allowed us to switch our tickets for the regular museum (which were free because they were included in our course fee) to get into the Picasso exhibit for free. It was very interesting and we also got some pictures before we discovered that we werent allowed to take pictures in that exhibit. It was interesting to see that a lot of Picassos works were actually inspired by other works and were like interpretations of those works. I bought a picture for 4€ that I can hang when I get home. After that me and Aya (who went to the Picasso part with me) went on our way home but did stop at a little 'shop' where I bought a cinturon (belt) for 2€ and 5 postcards for 1€. Im going to try to send postcards soon. We then hopped on the metro and went our separate ways. We had planned on having everyone come over to my place this night and go SWIMMING because yes my apartment does have a pool!!! So while I was waiting for everyone to come over I went to Corte Ingles (I dont know if I already said this but its somewhat the pricing of JCPenneys but with the variety of Walmart) and got a little food and drinks and discovered the SADDEST thing EVER! The beer that I thought was only 50 cents a 6 pack was actually 50 cents for one can. Oh well, I still got a bottle of wine for 1€. I also got some contact paper to fix the stove. I got back home just in time for Emily to arrive (a girl from Germany whose computer I am using right now). She brought some apple cider which here is normally sold with alcohol in it, and usually is not just a juice drink. Finally more girls arrived, Marina (Mari) from Brazil whose accent is very hard to understand in spanish. Dawn who is from the US and Joanna who is from Poland (just like Mikey!) were the last to arrive. We sat and drank in the apartment for a while and then went down to swim. It was actually too cold to swim and the water was FREEZING but Emily and I got in and we all just sat and talked. We made tentative plans about visiting Barcelona, maybe on my birthday weekend. Around 1230 everyone had to get going because there is not a metro very close to my place and they had to catch the bus to get to the metro which closes at i think 130. After that I piddled around some and pretty much went to bed. We decided we would try and do something more fun tomorrow.


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