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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Day 7
I of course went to bed late last night and was exhausted this morning, falling asleep in class again. I have to get to bed early enough because there is a very large difference between going to class and having to participate in class. I saw Erika in between classes and confirmed that I would live with her and Marta (another girl from Erika’s school in Holland). So after class I got on my way back to the hostel to pack up my things. In the mean time, last night, Alcyn had lost the landlord’s number and so they had to walk all the way back to the piso and talk to him. He had told them that he was going to show it to 2 other girls and see which pair would work better with the current residents and he would let them know today around 2pm. Well I had all my things packed up and was ready to leave, while trying to figure out how much I owe for the hostel. We talked to Edouin and discovered that somehow our deposit didn’t get counted towards our full amount. There was much drama regarding this 25Euro and unfortunately there was some crying involved. Because on top of the hostel problem, Linda and Alcyn found out that the landlord rented to the other girls. Another problem was that the hostel might have been full (those 2 needed to stay another night in order to find a piso) but there was another room available so we had to move everything to that room. So to recount: the hostel was charging too much, the girls don’t have a piso, and we have to quickly move our stuff to another room. How stressful!!! Everyone finally got somewhat calmed down and by then it was almost 5pm so I had to get to Erika’s to unpack. I hopped in a cab (only 6Euros for the trip compared to the 30 from the airport) and headed for Erica’s. The girls figured out that for the hostel, they said the charge was for the agency that we went through and so Alcyn is going to call them again soon and see if they can figure it out (she called once but her phone died). So I got to Erika’s and unpacked my stuff. Hooray!!! Finally a place to stay. One thing I didn’t really know that (Erika did say it but I didn’t hear it) there was a commission charge for using an agency. The girls had already paid it but I have to pay my 1/3. The commission charge equals 1 whole month (1100Euros!!!) plus I had to pay my part of deposit (367 for commission and 367 for deposit) and also 367 for the month of September. I freaked out but I figured out I would have enough money so it was okay. I got completely unpacked and did some laundry (yea buddy) and took some pics:

And just pretty much relaxed (I also bought some food). I just kind of chilled the rest of the night but I was sad because we don’t have internet in our apartment and we still don’t. It’s good though because the other girls want to get it as well so we can figure it out. I’ll tell one last story for the night and then I’ll have to finish the rest tomorrow. I tried to burn down the apartment!!! There is contact paper on top of the stove and I had remembered Erika saying you can use the stove and I thought how weird wouldn’t that burn? So I called her when I wanted to use it to make sure and she said it was fine. What she didn’t know is that I didn’t realize that the “stove” with the contact paper is actually possible to open the “lid” with the contact paper and use the burners!! So when I came back to look at the pan, the plastic was melting and smelled horrible!!! O well. Anyway, I’m falling asleep so I will write more tomorrow. Love you all!!!


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