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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Day 6
This was not a very fun day. So we were at school and during our break (11:20-11:40) we got a call from Edouin (pronounced Edween) who is in charge at the hostel and he told us that our reservations we done today and that check out is at noon. Alcyn thought the reservations we through the night of the 6th and so we were really surprised but Edouin allowed us to stay another night in the same room. By the way, the morning of Day 6 I was starving for breakfast and we stopped at a little cafeteria type place and they had really cheap muffins (0.30Euro) and some of the best postres (desserts) that I’ve ever seen. I had a crush on the fruit torte. So after school we had our 3 appointments to check out pisos and hopefully find one we want. Oh by the way, I had stayed up late last night so this morning I was FALLING ASLEEP in class. I felt horrible but there was nothing I could do. The teacher thought that I was just hot (as in temperature) so it was okay. So after classes we went to buy our abonos (monthly bus and metro transportation) because the school was supposed to have them for us but didn’t so they are going to reimburse us for these. Abonos are nice because then you can travel to (almost) wherever, whenever you want. After that we got a call from our first appointment at about 2 saying that the place was already rented now. We were a little bummed but it was no problem because that was actually a very expensive place. We then relaxed and napped a little and had our second meeting at 5pm which of course we got kind of lost on our way. The one at 5 was a shared piso with other people already living there. It was in the middle of being remodeled so it was kind of crappy looking but it was okay and very cheap. Only one problem…one room can’t be rented until October and none of us can wait that long. So we thanked the landlord and started discussing it. Linda and Alcyn decided they wanted to live there so I had to find my own place to stay (probably with Erika). I called one of the numbers I had found for a good piso to share that was cheap and close to school and the lady really wanted me to see it so I went. I of course got extremely lost and what was even worse was that Alcyn and Linda didn’t go with me so then they couldn’t even help me got unlost. I finally found it after it started raining and I also saw a little kid on a bike get hit by a car (he was okay though). It was with a lady that was a little older (30-40) than me and it was a very new place. The lady was very nice but she was really looking for a very quiet studious student (which I can be) but I also want to party some and that’s not was she was looking for. I ultimately made the decision to say no. We were supposed to see one last piso at 9:45 but the girls didn’t want to see it so I decided I would live with Erika if she would take me and the girls could live in the piso (from 5:00 meeting). I was a little upset (Erika’s apartment was more expensive and I got screwed into finding my own apartment without their help if I wanted something cheaper) but they did suggest some things to try to make it better which I decided not to do but I was okay with them for suggesting some ideas. That was mostly the incredibly long horrible day and then, exhausted but still late, I went to bed.


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