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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day #5
Sorry I was a slacker and didn't post anything yesterday (day 5) yet. I went to bed a las 2:30AM and so i was too tired to write anything. Anywhoo. So my day yesterday... Well we had escuela (school) a las (at) 8:30 and found out what spanish level we were in. I am in group B3. There are niveles (levels) for beginners, A, B, C, and intermediate so I did pretty good eh? We have only girls in our class. We have 3 different "classes" but they're all in the same room, the teachers just rotate. My first class a las 8:30AM is lengua espanola where we work on our grammar, a las 10AM is descubrir espana which is basically studying the culture and customs (there are so many different things here you don't even know) and my last class is conversacion which is just discussing stuff during the whole class. My teachers are all very nice but all the classes are in spanish so sometimes it's a little bit hard to understand what they say or what tarea (homework) they assign. So after class we signed up for the trip to puerta del sol for wednesday and we went outside of the school and Linda and I met a girl named Erika who is from Holland and she has an apartment with an open room! So we talked to Alcyn and she decided she would live with the guy from Campamento (the far away one) and so Linda and I went to see Erika's place. Erika is studying abroad too so of course we got lost but we did get to walk through this cute park-parque del oeste and there was this cool fun thing with vines all over:We finally saw the apartment which is very nice and we considered it in the possibilities of where we will live. When we got back we talked with Alcyn (who apologized for being kind of cranky when we were first looking at pisos because she's never done that before-it is frustrating) and we decided that we were going to try and find a piso together again. So we still had a piso that we could share to look at that night but the lady called us and said it was already rented. So we found every possible piso that we could online (salyven, madrideasy, segundamano, etc) and called everyone and got 3 appointments for tomorrow at 3, 5, and 9:45. We took a little siesta and decided to go out with a girl from school name Emily who is from Germany and two of her friends. We walked past a restaurant and they offered us free drinks so we decided that place would be okay. We all got sangria but they were smalls glasses (not full sangrias). The place was kind of expensive so I just got a tosta which i think basically means a toasted peice that is a half of a bocadillo and then it cut in half and only one half that is cut. It came with ham and cheese that had a very weird taste so I had to take the cheese off-ick. So I told the story about the policeman, Israel, that we asked for directions to a restaurant...well we went and said hi to him while he was working (him and his partner were just standing on a certain street all night which is very exciting). That was pretty fun and we learned a lot more about spanish. For example, to ask if the clubs will give us a free drink for coming in we asked if there was una copa gratis but Israel told us that we can say una copa por la cara which means the same but literally means a drink for the face (for the pretty face). If you think about it, it will make sense. So we then went home around 12:30am and I stayed up late talking to my boo (Mike) and then took a shower and went to bed. How interesting no? I'll post today tonight too. Love you all! Dos besos!


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