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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Day #4
So I'm finally going to be caught up today!!! Get excited! So we had our spanish placement tests at the Universidad de Nebrija at 9am today. Tomorrow we find out how we did. We had a small orientation with a small tour and then at about 1:30 we were done. I got some lunch at the mercado and went shopping for some shoes (size 44 is hard to find) and un bolso (a purse). I found neither things but I did get a abonico which is a small hand fan like they use in china and stuff because it is so hot here and many people use these types of fans. I participated in siesta time which is when everywhere except for a few places basically shut down for about an hour and basically take a break. So during siesta I took a siesta (nap). And then we got a lead on a piso and had an appointment to see it at 7pm. We of course got lost and the landlord was showing the piso to a few other people and it got taken but he did have one other piso which actually ended up being 2. There was 1 piso that one of us could share w/ a guy and another that 2 of us could share w/ a girl. The piso was of course FAR FAR away from campus. It was cheap and nice looking but such a commute (about an hour). So we're trying to figure all this junk out and I'm not gonna lie, living in the same room (only 1 room) together for the past 5 days and spending all our time together is starting to create some tension. Oh by the way, all of the getting lost and commuting to the most southern part of the city took place while I was wearing heels. I didn't hardly complain (you can ask the girls, they will back me up) but man they were killing me. We discovered that we might just have to get different places so I looked at a few other pisos and plan to call them tomorrow to see if they would allow us to rent for only 4 months because we would be sharing with another person. We FINALLY got home 2 hours after our initial appointment. I was starving but due to the hot climate here (they tell us that it's unusually hot for september) it makes it hard to eat anything because the heat makes me feel so full. I walked around a bit (in flip flops!) and close to Puerta del Sol there was a group of people playing Indian type music with whistles and calming stuff like that. Here's a pic:
I decided that a peice of pizza wouldn't be too filling and so I finally went to the cafeteria which is super close and bought a peice of old pizza carne (basically sausage pizza) for 2.80 euro (so kind of a rip off). It worked good enough though. So now I am going to bed and tomorrow we will receive our "placements" in the levels that our spanish is. Adios!


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