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Monday, September 04, 2006

Day #3
Hola todos!
So I'm still behind because I still have to write about yesterday. So let's see here. Yesterday was not quite as eventful as Day #2 but it was still good.
So we were so exhausted from Day #2 that we slept until 14:00 (they use military time here) which is 2pm. After much showering and messing around on everyone's part, Alcyn and Linda went to see if they could find their way to La Universidad de Nebrija (our school). I needed a little alone time (our hostal room is ONE room for 3 people for many days of togetherness) so I set up to go shopping. Unfortunately I had spent so long trying to finally get my internet and blogging to work that it was around 7 or 8 when I went shopping and on a Sunday night so almost everything was closed. I did manage to find a really cute shirt for 8euro ($10: 1euro = 1.25$). I then went and got a little comida (food) at a tapa bar. Everyone ready for their education of the day? A tapa can be a small "snack" that comes with a drink, or it can be a type of "appetizer." There are 2 possible reasons that there are tapas today (the history says). Tapa means cover in spanish and so it's possible it got started when people wanted to keep flies out of customers drinks so they would give them something like a peice of bread to cover it. It could also mean to cover the taste of cheap wine by offering a peice of cheese (tapas can also be olives, etc). The tapa bar I went served them as appetizers. I got croquetas mixtas which I wasn't sure it was but I was hoping it wasn't seafood. It came looking like a mini fried corn dog nugget but inside was something mashed potato-ish and some jamon (ham). I was worried that it was something seafood but later found out it's a type of "dough paste" and so there was nothing to be worried about. Then I was a walking and discovered that just like in the US there are postings of people trying to alquiler pisos (rent out apartments). Since we're still looking for a piso I was very excited. I stopped at a chocolateria (you can figure that one out) and got a churro bombon (a churro dipped all in chocolate). I walked around a little more and found an Alimentacion (grocery type store) Bazar which had everything you could imagine inside. I really want to get some shoes at some point in time but I have no idea what size I am as in Europe they have sizes around 30-40. I went home and finally Alcyn and Linda got back and pretty much we went to bed (after a long time of not being able to fall asleep due to us sleeping in so late this morning). Something else I learned today (on Day #4) is that tipping is not obligatory in Europe however you should leave about 10% is everything goes really well. If it does not then you should leave nothing. So actually in Europe you should tip some. Que triste (how sad). Oh well. I'll write more about Day #4 later. Adios!!!


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