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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Day 15
So we had our tests today in classes. They were pretty darn easy. There was a lot of stuff to know for the Descubrir Espana class but it was mostly multiple choice. As long as I pass it’s fine because it doesn’t even count for credit, it just determines a little bit as to which classes I will take while here. So after classes (we had some extra time because the tests were short) I went to the computer lab to look up stuff for Oktoberfest one last time and finally found some tickets for 330 (more expensive than before but one day made a big difference and the prices were jacked up to about 500). I told Dawn but she said it would be too much as well as Katy. A girl Rhea from my class said she would like to go but it’s a lot but that she would think about it. Basically if I can’t get Rhea to go I think that some of us will go to Barcelona which isn’t the same but I’ll live. It is quite a bit to spend. We’ll see what happens. So then around 11:30 we had a trip to go see the Congreso (the Congress building). It was a very short tour but kind of interesting. There was a very interesting clock that they had in one of the rooms. It had clocks within clocks type of thing. There was one that had the position of the Earth, Moon, and Sun all the time. There was one with the position of all the planets. There was a barometer and I think even a temperature one somehow, one for hour, one for minutes, one for seconds, and then 20 that had different times of all around the world. It was very cool. After that I went and bought a new purse because my last one broke after 3 days. It’s cute but kind of touristy. It says MADRID all over it. After that I came home and ate some and then took a 2 hour siesta. I got up and took a shower and kind of went back to bed for a bit-it’s kind of boring when there is no TV, internet and not talkative roommates and I can’t be out doing something all the time so there’s just sleep to do. When I got up again I went and returned the router that we’re not going to use and grabbed a postre (dessert) that looked good called Arroz con Leche (rice with milk). It actually wasn’t very moist so it wasn’t that good, but I had some dinner before I tried it. We decided that we were going over to Emily’s for a while and then out to Calle Huerta which is a street with a ton of bars/clubs. Emmanuel and Michael said they would come but didn’t know where Emily lives so I met them at the metro station and we headed to Emily’s. We sat around there drinking for quite a while. I have a picture of us all (there were quite a few of us). We also were all speaking Spanish because of the differences in languages: 2 french guys, a BUNCH of german people, a Spanish girl, and me (and later on Rhea and her friend Pete from the US). Most of them could speak some English but it worked well for us to all speak in Spanish. After a while we decided to go out and I think we went to 4 or 5 different places (usually getting a free drink just to come in). I’ll have to get the pictures from my friends but we all danced and had a great time. After the last place, everyone was hungry and sadly there is no 24hour McDonald’s in Spain (and definitely no Gigamacs there). So we decided to go back to Emily’s place and we cooked up some Calamari (ick!) and some Croquetas (with chicken in them) and some ice cream and some salad. We all did some speaking in English and waited until 6AM when the metro opened up and then all headed home. It was actually very cold at night and of course I didn’t catch the bus I wanted (I couldn’t wait anymore because I was too cold and then like 5 minutes later it came and I wasn’t close to a stop to catch it) so I had to walk home in the cold. *Don’t worry mommy I was safe and there were many people on the sidewalks and I did have a jacket on-I’m just complaining. I got home finally and went to bed at right about 7am. What a crazy night!!! So I’m caught up for now so maybe I’ll tell you about today (Saturday) in a timely manner. I love you all so much and get excited that I will have internet soon. Muah!!! Dos besos!


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