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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Day 14
Erika was almost too late to catch the bus again this morning. She had to run, but I guess she’s awake that way. School went alright and after class I went to the computer lab to look for a little more of Oktoberfest and do a little more online. I decided I couldn’t spend that much time working on it and that I should go home by 3pm to take a siesta. I thought of the possibility of going by bus and then flying back and seeing if that was cheaper and then if we had to we could get a hostel for Friday night and then just stay out all of Saturday night (which we’ve done a few times until early in the morning) and fly out early Sunday. I also talked to Claudia and she said she thought she had some friends who had a house who might be willing to take us in for a little bit of money so then we wouldn’t have to try and find a hostel. I discovered that it wouldn’t be cheaper to use the bus and fly back because the flight was still so expensive. After looking for a while, I went home and took a nice 1.5 hour long siesta. I got up from my siesta and jumped in our shower which still isn’t fixed. I don’t know if I mentioned it already (sorry for sometimes repeating things because I don’t know what I’ve already said) but our hot water pressure is pretty much nothing so it’s really fun to try and take either a quick cold shower or a long and difficult warm shower. I always choose a warm shower. Hehe. After that I talked to Emily who said that I could come over around 8pm and use her internet and have a little dinner. We tried to call Ono in the mean time and discovered the number to call about getting service is simply: 1400. It didn’t work on my phone but did work on Erika’s phone but of course with our luck she was out of minutes. So we went and talked to our neighbor who let us borrow her phone. I talked to one person and it went well but then she put me on hold and I was disconnected. We then called back and I had some troubling understanding the person and so they simply hung up on me. So by then it was late enough that I could just go over to Emily’s and try and use Skype so the call would work and actually be cheap. Of course the call wouldn’t work with Skype but wonderful Emily let me borrow her house phone and I called. Another one hung up on me. It’s so frustrating!!! Luckily one of Emily’s flatmates from Germany is half Spanish and her Spanish is perfect so she called for me. It was so wonderful!!! We found all of this out: it would be 50euro to get a wireless router and all installation is free, 21 euro a month for everything until the end of December (the girls are staying until middle of February) and then 39 euro a month after that. It would also cost us 45euro to break the contract. This is MUCH better than what we found with telefonica which would cost 90euro to install telephone and 67euro to install internet with a wireless router. It would be 13 euro a month for telephone and 39 a month for internet. We were VERY happy about Ono. So we told Ono to give us a call back in about a half hour just so I could make sure it was what we wanted to do. About 45 minutes later, they hadn’t called back so we called them. The operator told us that the girl would call if she said she’d call and hung up. About a second later my cell phone started ringing (the girl from Ono) but I didn’t have service in Emily’s room and so I missed the call. So a few minutes later we called back to Ono and told them what happened so we talked with someone and gave them all my info and they said they’d have someone come next week for us to make the contract and then we would get internet!!! Woohooo!!! I love Natalie (Emily’s flatmate)! So after that I did some blogging and stuff and went home and went to bed a very happy girl.


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