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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Day 12
So this morning we almost missed the bus! I knew we should have gone a little sooner but that's okay, we still made it. Since I was up so late last night and I knew I would fall asleep in class, I decided to buy a coffee, which I hate. It had cream and sugar and a lot of it so it wasn't that bad. Classes went well and we found out our "midterm" tests are on Friday. So in order to get the internet we need a phone line and in order to get a phone line we need a bank account here in Madrid (I also need it to make it easier on me). Unfortunately the banks in Madrid open at 8:30AM and close at 14:00 (2pm!!!) so when school got out at 1pm I had to HURRY! to try and get to a bank in time. My stomach was in knots thinking about how difficult it would to try and open an account in a foreign country and to try and do it in Spanish. But it actually went incredibly well and here they don't even require a first deposit!!! How crazy! They did speak english at the bank but I didn't really find it necessary, the spanish went very well. So then I went home to have some lunch and at 4:30 we were meeting with our teachers to see the Palacio Real. Unfortunately I keep forgetting to bring the cables necessary to get the pictures from my camera but I will put them up soon. It was very interesting. The king usually would still live in it today but the current one doesn't like the fact that it takes 20 minutes to get a glass of water because it is so big or that his food would always be cold because it would take so long to get to the dining room. It was a very neat thing to see. After that, Emily, Joanna and Emmanuel and Michael (who managed to come along on our school trip even though they don't go to Nebrija) and I all went and got a drink and while sitting we were actually a little chilly (It's FINALLY getting cool) and we finally just went home. Before I went home though I bought some groceries at the Maxi Dia that was close by and it was only 11 euros. It's sooooo crazy! After a long trip of carrying heavy groceries I got home. I made myself some tortellini for dinner and worked on some homework while watching Garden State on my computer. I don't know how but it got late, 1AM and so of course I knew I would be tired the next morning. It's so impossible to get to bed at a decent time. Oh well. O P.S. Since I got my bank account, we called Telefonica (there is also Wanadoo, and Ono here in Spain that provide telephone, internet, TV like Mediacom and Qwest). After a lot of confusion we discovered that the wireless router we already bought would not work because we still have to get a phone line through Telefonica (the router is Wanadoo) and still have to pay to rent their line for ADSL and still pay to Wanadoo so it would be like paying for internet twice. For telefonica it is 90euro to install phone line and 67.50 to install internet and get a wireless modem and 13euro a month for telephone and 39 a month for internet. VERY expensive! So we told them to call us back tomorrow because we wanted to see what else we can find out. Find out more about this adventure when I write about tomorrow. LOve you all!!!


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