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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Day 11
Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank you all that have left comments and want to let you know that as soon as I have internet I will be in much better contact with you all. It´s just hard right now since I don´t have the internet. Anyway so here´s how my monday went:
So yea mondays are mondays no matter what country you are in. It always comes too early. After school I went home and ate the rest of my arroz con chorizo y huevos (rice with sausage and eggs) and some veggies in there too (it was a frozen bag of it that I had). I decided to swim a little but when I got down to the pool, it was too cold. I sent a text message to Emily to see if I could use her internet (texting is cheaper than calling). Of course the bus was taking too long so I started walking to the metro (unfortunately Im about a 15 minute walk from the metro which is unusual-we´re kind of right in the middle of 2 farther away ones). I walked passed a store called Hiper Euro y Mas (super euro and more). They had shoes on the window like I have been looking for the whole time so I went in to check it out. In the US I have big feet but here everyone has smaller feet so they´re really considered big feet for me. Size 11 (US)=44 (europe) so it has been impossible to find what I want. They had size 41 but they looked big enough and me cayeron bien (they fit me!). 5,90€ (they use a , instead of a . ). I will put up their picture soon. I then continued on my way to the metro Principe Pio which is actually in the bottom of a centro commercial (mall). I got a little bit lost but finally found her place and got online to figure out my finances (I was worried for a while) and blog and check email, etc. I think around 9pm I decided to leave and just as I was almost home, Joanna called to ask if I wanted to go out, believe it or not, at the metro stop i just came from! Well I told her I still needed dinner and to do my homework but I would call her after that. I got done quick and decided to go out. It was about 11:30pm when I finally got there. Joanna´s friend Emmanuel (her flatmate) who I met before was there as well as his friend Michael (/say it Frenchly) from France and their friend Joe from England. We talked a lot about movies and it was interesting to see which movies they have and have not seen. We also discovered that none of them have ever tried Root Beer (but have tried ginger root beer?). Also I learned that in England, ¨lemonade¨ means sprite or 7up and they dont have actual lemonade and didn´t know what it was. Very weird! After quite a while we started walking to catch the night bus because the metro stops running at 1am. I was worried my bus wouldn´t come because I couldn´t catch it all day!!! It finally came and I got home and went to bed at about 2am. Class is going to be SO FUN tomorrow! I´m so tired but oh well. Love you all!


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